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Warriors Dictionary

Last update: March 19, 2010

- 1) A person who wants to do nothing but play ultimate; 2) Dondi (see "El Capitan"); 3) Tish the Dish; 4) Czar; 5) Fel; 6) Jacq

Agony - Captain Gregory, a.k.a. White Dragon

All the Way - A play which is basically a huck to the endzone after a first or second pass; Doc's favorite play

Angluben! Angluben! - Cheer for Tish the Dish whenever she would make a point at Boracay Open 2010, where she played for D12 Dragon Katol (a mix of Roaches and players from Cebu)

Bacolod Republic - The group of Warriors hailing from the Sugar Bowl of the Philippines, Bacolod; led by Chairman Emeritus Reymund a.k.a. Jaguar PO, it is made up of Kring, Vicky, Macky a.k.a. Mac from the Bac, Philip, and an assortment of other friends that have played and partied with the Warriors at one point or another

Bad Juju - Negative vibes; can be used as a noun or an adjective (usage: "All this negativity is bringin' me down. No to bad juju!" "That was a bad-juju game. Think happy thoughts!")

Bad Juju Girl (BJG) - The infamous hampas-er during the NYL09 semi-finals

Bano - A person who commits an error on the field (usage: After Greg's pull which covered only a third of the field, "Greg! Ano ba yan!? Bano!")

Barracks - The Warriors' new home field

Basurera/o - One who can catch basura passes, e.g., Jacq. All Waryoritas can actually be called this

Batas - A person with authority who initiates drills and plays; has been used several times to refer to Co-Captain Greg a.k.a. White Dragon (usage: "Ako ang batas!")

Bebeh Girls/Bebeh Gels - All-girl team made up of players from the Warriors, Circus Weng Weng, USC, and Breakfast Club

Boo - The standard shout when a Warrior commits a fumble during a no-pressure game (see "No-pressure Game"); the reply to any party-pooping message (usage: "I can't play on Saturday..." "Boo, Leahloo, boo!"); also "boo-la-lo" or "boo-la-te"

Boom-boom Room - Official Warriors' party venue, courtesy of Golden Ticket (see "Golden Ticket")

Byers - Czarmel-speak (see "Czarmel-speak") for "goodbye"

Call Time - The agreed meeting time, usually in SGV (note: Not to be confused with "Actual Time")

Clear - During a game, a cry heard whenever the end zone is clogged up

Clear that sh*t - During a game, a cry heard whenever the end zone is clogged up and no one listens to the cries of "Clear!"

Confeermed - Sure na sure

Confirmed - Less than 100% sure

Czarmel-speak - Unusual words (usually a cuter version of regular words) perpetuated by lead hound Czarmel (see "Byers," "Sadness," "Sureness")

D&G - The two captains, Dondi and Greg; could also refer to on-again, off-again teammates Derek and Gali

Dancing-dancing - What Jacq the Ripper does on a Friday night

Dangerous Girl - Jacq the Ripper's alter-ego who gets everyone drunk during parties

Double Happiness - When an individual on D blocks the disc, quickly goes on offense, and makes a point

Dutdut - Originally used to mean the uninvited poking and probing of newly inked skin, it can now also mean tattoo (usage: "Lei, papa-dutdut kami ni Sarah sa Monday. Sama ka?")

Dutduters Club - The uninvited pokers and probers of newly inked skin; current members include Jomen (President), Ces and Jacq the Ripper

El Capitan
- The team captain, Dondi a.k.a. Clyde

Fafa Fel - Stage name of Hound Felix; came about after making many Warrior girls swoon and sigh with his acoustic guitar performances during parties (usage: "Fafa Fel! I'm yours! I mean play naman I'm Yours ni Jason Mraz! Sigh!")

Fans - The Warriors' supporters during league games; includes family, friends, and non-playing Warriors

FedEx - Fafa Fel's nickname, given by a player from BC after the hound went into turbo mode and successfully blocked a disc at the end zone

Force Up - The ultimate dance move

Gang Bang - When an unsuspecting or secretly suspecting individual is encircled by gyrating members of the opposite sex; often occurs during parties involving excessive amounts of alcohol (usually followed by a name; one beginning with a "G" is preferred, but not required, e.g., Gang Bang Gladys, Gang Bang Greg)

Gapang Play - When the Warriors practice patience (see "Patience") to break a cup defense and slowly but surely bring down the disc to the endzone

Gerger - Alam niyo na 'yun

Golden Ticket - Gladiosa, our key to the riches of Punta Fuego and the Boom-boom Room

Gulungan sa Damuhan - A play wherein two Warriors go for the disc at the same time and end up colliding, falling to the ground, and rolling over several times due to monumentum (see "Monumentum"), a.k.a. "Rolling Attack"

Haciendero - Tish the Dish's husband

Hanimal - Refers to a player, usually female, who is a force to be reckoned with on the field

Happiness - When we have a scheduled pick-up game at San Lo (see "San Lo") and it doesn't rain

Happy David - Now defunct password to Urda (see "Urda")

Heart Attack Play - When the Warriors are playing for a Universal Point

Heyewie - Breathy sosy version of "eyew"

Hip-hop Shorts - The source of Tish the Dish's powers

Honey - Another name for El Capitan (see "El Capitan"), may also refer to El Capitan's other half Sarah a.k.a. Bonnie

Honeys, The - Refers to Bonnie and Clyde (see "El Capitan" and "Honey")

Hotness - Popularized by Bonnie; What you say (or rather, yell) before striking a pose, camera or no camera

Houndz - The Warriors' uber-fast runners: lead hound Czarmel, Lawrence, Ian, and Felix (usage: "Release the Houndz!")

Jaguar PO - Originally known as Jaguar Paw, this Chairman of the dreaded Bacolod Republic (see "Bacolod Republic"), is known for his powerful huck (forehand and backhand!) and his insatiable thirst for beer; his battlecry during parties: You can't drunk me!

Lawee Play - An offensive play involving short passes before a huck to the end zone

Mature Drinking - A night of alcohol that doesn't involve puking or passing out

Monumentum - The allowance of a few steps given to a person who has caught the disc on a run (usage: "Travel, pare." "Hinde, monumentum, pare.")

New Nyork - Mavs and Agent 0's new home

No-pressure Game - A game wherein the odds of the Warriors winning are slim to none; in this case, the quota is in effect (see "Quota")

Not Once, Twice, But Free! - Um, ano daw?

Papa D - One of the first people who taught the Warriors how to play; the object of many a Warrior girl's affections

- A virtue that the Warriors have slowly started to pick up, hence short passes to break the cup instead of a forced huck

QBF - Short for "Quick Brown Fox," the moniker given to Dubai-yuki Ryan

Quota - 1) The minimum number of points the Warriors aim for during a no-pressure game (see "No-pressure Game"), normally pegged at four points; 2) when the confeermed players for a pick-up game reaches 12 (usage: "Kalaban natin K3? OK, quota na 'to!" "Peeps, tuloy ang San Lo, quota na tayo. Happiness!")

Sadness - 1) When we have a scheduled pick-up game at San Lo and it rains; 2) when we don't have enough players for a pick-up game; 3) when Czarmel is stuck at the office on a Saturday night and can't join the Mid-Monsoon Par-tey

Sandwich - Minimized version of Gang Bang (see "Gang Bang") wherein an individual is trapped between two gyrating members of the opposite sex; a.k.a. "Double Team on the Dance Floor"

San Lo - Short for "San Lorenzo," venue of Friday night pick-up games; the reason behind cries of "Super Sarah Geronimo Anti-Rain Dance, activate!"

Scoring Machine - An individual who racks up the points, both on and off the field; reigning Aklan regional champion is Jomen

Snatcher - One who catches a pass that was intended for another player

Superstar - A Team Pilipinas player with mad skillz; often used to refer to Jasper, Teacher Teacher, D (v.2), and G (v.2)

Superstar Sandwich - 1) The sandwich of all sandwiches (see "Sandwich"); 2) Tish the Dish sandwich-ed by the Superstars (see "Superstar")

Sureness - The latest version of "Confeermed" (see "Confeermed")

Ultimate Warriors - NYL09 Pool B champs--and the team that I super love!

Urda - 1) Short for "Urdaneta"; 2) where it all began; 3) the Warriors' home base

Urda Open - The first tournament organized by the Ultimate Warriors, before they became the Ultimate Warriors; held in 2007 at Urda, it featured four teams: the original Ultimate Warriors (led by El Capitan), DKNY or Disc Ko Na 'Yan (led by QBF), Parokya ni V1no (led by Jaguar PO), and the League of Shadows (led by Reggie a.k.a. The Shadow)

Urda Play - 1) Bringing down the disc while strictly sticking to one side of the field; 2) the Warriors' favorite play; 3) also known as "Gilid Play"

Vendetta - When a Warrior refuses to get off the field so that he/she could exact revenge on an opposing player who blocked or scored off him/her

WTF?! - 1) Warriors Tourney and Farty, the Warriors' follow-up to Urda Open 2007; the name changed because the venue changed; was held in Camp Aguinaldo and featured four teams: Green-ada A-discs, My Ultimate Loving Team, Oh! (MULTO), Master Shifu and the Dragon Warriors, and G-Spot; 2) can also mean Warriors Team Fund

XX - New Warrior JM's nickname


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JAGUAR PO - 1.) Warriors' powerful hucker; 2.) cannot be "drunk" by the Warriors

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