Sunday, March 4, 2012

NYL12 Division B Champs!

Super short recap activate!

Having defeated SpaceGrapes in the quarterfinals, UW battled it out with KLAW in the semis. KLAW won the round robin game against the team so this time the Warriors were prepared to take no prisoners. Again the girls' solid cup defense and a pretty good offense helped the Warriors win the game. The finals match was against Makiling Ultimate Club (MUC), a young and strong team that was new to the division. This time, experience and numbers also played to the Warriors' advantage.  Using the same cup defense and short offense, the Warriors won the championships (final score 16-10). Six team members also received individual awards. The end. YAYYYY.

After the finals game vs. Makiling Ultimate Club

(L-R): The Bar Vodka Orange; League Female MVP - Jane; Mythical - Fel, Jacq, Yelle; Finals Female MVP - Chlods
Not in photo: Finals Male MVP - Jamel

Photo op after the quick awarding ceremony

New team pet: tropheus pangchampionus

Congrats, Warriors!

All photos from Tish.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Photo by JM/Cel
Jerseys and shorts by Yaya Couture.

Monday, July 11, 2011

WTF 2011

Recap by Kapitan Fel.

After two very grueling days, WTF 2011 is finally over!

Day 1, which was played last July 02 (Saturday), featured the round robin games for all teams. 3 games. 45 minutes each. Race to 11. With very thin lineups during that day (no team had more than 10 players on their roster), it ended up testing every person's endurance. At the end of the day, based on the results of the round robin match ups, the semifinal match ups were:

PULAr Bears vs. Happy BERDE
Team BLUEtongs vs. BLACKheads

The semis and finals were played yesterday, July 09. The point cap was still 11, but the time cap was raised to 50 minutes.

The first semifinal match up featured our special guests Bonnie and Clyde (a.k.a. the Honeys) playing for PULAr Bears and Happy BERDE, respectively. Unfortunately for the BERDEs, one of their main female runners, party girl Jackelens, was out of commission from the PUA Summer League Party held just the night before. As if that wasn't enough of a disadvantage already, the Bears seemed to have a full roster. 13 out of a possible 15 players to be exact. It was like they paid everyone on their team to be there! Hehehe :o)

So with the numbers on their side, the Bears ended up with the win, and finally put a stop to Dino's 4-peat record for WTF competitions.

The second semifinal match up had both teams playing with thin rosters again - 9 players for the Blackheads and 10 for the BLUEtongs. Unfortunately for the BLACKheads, main offensive weapon Lemuelle seemed to have too much of a good time during the PUA Summer League Party from the night before. I will spare you all the details, basta may Bow Tie, Special Chair, 8 seconds, at posteng involved. 'Nufff said. Suffice it to say that Lemuelle enjoyed himself, and probably had one drink too many. Alam ko ito kasi nung binabantayan ko siya, amoy chico pa rin. Hahaha.

It was still a good match up, though. With hucker extraordinaire Mundz added on to the BLACKheads roster, they were able to keep the game close. It was such an even match up that the last point for the game was played for AT LEAST 25 minutes! The score was 5-5, and the point was being played for a few minutes already when a timecheck was called. It was 11:36AM, which gave the teams another 24 minutes to play. Nobody knew that it would be the LAST point of the game.

BLUEtongs ended up with the universal point to victory to barely make it to the Finals.

Battle for 3rd: Happy BERDE vs. BLACKheads
It was the BERDEs handler one-two play versus the BLACKheads' endzone huck connection. Run and Gun vs. Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Maam. The game was tight. Both teams were exchanging points early in the game. At one point, the BERDEs managed to get a defensive break, and scored to lead by 2. The BLACKheads were able to react though, and via their bread-and-butter Mundz to Lems long-range connection, quickly tied up the game.

FYI: Lems scored something like 6 points in this game, almost all of them endzone receptions via hucks.

The game continued to be close until soft cap was called, at which point the BERDEs seemed to have just a little bit more left in them than the BLACKheads. They managed to score the remaining two points to reach the point cap, and close out the game.

Championship: PULAr Bears vs. BLUEtongs
The Bears started out blazing, scoring the first two points of the game. The BLUEtongs, though, were able to bounce right back and tie the game, and even take the lead. The Bears rallied back and managed to get one point ahead, 7-6, the half. The BLUEtongs scored the first point, but the Bears scored the next point. The match continued to remain close with both teams exchanging points.

The effort that both teams put into the game was something that a championship match deserved. There was a good distribution of the disc. There was offensive flow. But there were also really good plays on D, which evened things out. Enteng made some fabulous defensive stops right at their endzone, which prevented a couple of potential points for the BLUEtongs. On the other hand, newbie Miko and long-time absentee Kenneth also did a good job on their defensive assignments JM and Enteng.

It took some spectular plays, though, to determine this year's Champions. There were some layout Ds and hustle plays in the game, but these were all overshadowed by the layout goals of the Bears' Secret Offensive Weapon, JP Santos. Goalkeeper na goalkeeper ang dating! Ibang klase ang mga dive.

Despite keeping the game close, it was strength in numbers that finally got the PULAr Bears the win. Congrats to them for being the WTF2011 Champs!

At the awarding ceremony, we gave away a lot of raffle items and special prizes. Here's a rundown of all the awards that were given out:


Champion: PULAr Bears
1st Runner Up: Team BLUEtongs
2nd Runner Up: Happy BERDE
3rd Runner Up: BLACKheads

Most Spirited Team:Happy BERDE


Male MVP: Enteng Catura
Female MVP: Chlods "Robot" Manguerra

Mythical 6:
Macky "Back from Hibernation" Puentevella"
Mundz Vasquez
JM Bueno
Lemuelle "Hotlegs/Party Animal" Labadan

Best Defensive Player: Enteng Catura

Best Offensive Player: JP "Layout Boy" Santos

Newbies of the Year:
Dustin Bueno
MJ "Basurera" Awa

Most Improved Players:
Bryan Rivera
Edith Daruca


Loverboy of the Year Award: Lemwell "8 seconds" Labadan
Oldie of the Year: Bobby Paras
Macky Puentevella Lifetime Achievement Award (a.k.a. Back from Hibernation Award): Macky Puentevella
Basurera Award: MJ Awa
Layout Goal Boy Award: JP Santos
"Chill lang 'Teh" Award: Jacqueline "Dangerous Girl" Reyes

We, the organizers of this year's WTF - team captains Yelle, Lei, Tish and Mina and Tournament Directors Yaya and Fel - hope that you all had a blast in this year's tournament. We also want to thank all the people who pledged to help generate funds for this tournament, allowing us to give the prizes that went out to our awardees.

And of course, we would also like to thank all of you who attended this event. It would not have been successful without your participation. As I said yesterday at the party, 52 out of 59 participants were able to attend at least 1 of the 2 tournament days. That's a pretty awesome attendance rate right there.

So once again, thank you all for your contributions and your participation in this year's WTF. See you all again at next year's event!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apollo 10.10.10

10.10.10. Forty-five minutes. Seven on the line. No subs.


In Crisjunders' words, "Ang Sunken Garden naging Savage Garden!"

With a ten-player cap for every team, the Warriors fielded three teams: two in the open division (Warriors A aka Marines, and Warriors B aka Barracks) and one in the Newbies division.

(Fel, JB, Nana, Aries, Ian, Ward, Lei, Che, Tish, Ivy)

Day 1: Marines were randomly grouped together with Shark (aka the Heyman-Marin-Jamel No-Mercy Team), Spuck U (di ba 4-3 dapat? Baket puro lalake ang nasa team nila?!), and Diskulits. Ended the day with a 1-2 record.

Quotable quote
Marines: "YAAAAAAY!" (with matching raised arms and head tilt)

Day 2: As Marines were in the bottom half of their group, they ended up in Pool B. First game was vs. the Kayu oldies. The team started off with just...FOUR PLAYERS VS. SEVEN!!! Fel, JB, Nana, and Tish. Ten-ten-tenen talaga. And...MARINES SCORED THE FIRST POINT!!!:D As the game progressed, the other players trickled in, so by around half time or so, the team had a solid lineup of seven. Ivy made up for being late by making a one-handed grab at the endzone--with two guys on her! Marines won, earning them a spot in the semifinals! Woohoo!

Quotable quotes
Fel: "Nakapag 1 vs. 100 na rin tayo!"
Tish: "Kahit ano pang mangyari sa araw na 'to, OK lang. Basta nanalo tayo na apat lang tayo sa umpisa!"

Marines won the semifinals and headed for the Pool B finals! Fully expecting to play against Spy's team--which didn't make it into Pool A after being put in the Group of Death on Day 1--we were dumbfounded to find out that they lost in the semis, and that we were actually playing against Xavier!

In the finals game vs. Xavier, the two teams were exchanging points, until Xavier went on their 5-0 run. Marines were stuck at 4 for what seemed like ages. "Fast" doesn't begin to describe their boys (or at least a couple of them). Their plays revolved around just three guys. Marines didn't get to capitalize on their girls who had, in fact, scored all the team's points. Nevertheless, Marines reached the finals, and that's something to be proud of!

(Mundz, Dino, JM, Brian, Pat, Junders, Mina, Cel, Edith, Eire)

Day 1: Team Barracks ended the day with a 2-1 record, earning them a spot in Pool A! Woohoo! While they weren't too happy about going up to Pool A (boh-ring! Haha), dapat lang may Warriors sa Pool A no! Represent!

Quotable quote
JM: "Jogging tayo!"

Day 2: And the first team that Team Barracks was playing against on 10.10.10 was...Sprockets! Ten-ten-tenen! Barracks had five almost-points. They lost to Sprockets, and went on to play vs. Hairy Monsters, made up of mostly Circus players and Jacq. They lost 5-10. Their last game was against the younger Kayu, which they won! A seventh place finish in Pool A!

(Lem, Cams, Kenneth, Migs, Emeng, Egay...with the allowed two PUA members Czar and Connie. I'm missing a couple of girls...)

Day 1: MASSACRE! With their patented Connie-Czar 1-2 play, with a huck to Rugby Boy Limonwells or new recruit Cams at the endzone, the newbies ended the day with a 3-0 record!!! The others were also very active on the field, making smart cuts, and really diving/jumping/sprinting for the disc.
Day 2: Newbies cruised through the first game and the semis to make it to the finals! Huwaw! Unfortunately, they were down one guy (injured, may kasal, may housewarming...), so they had to play with four girls and three guys vs. the other team's usual four guys and three girls. In the end, our newbies bowed down to Lugaw (?). BUT they overperformed and had such an impressive run!

Czar aka Mr. Full-Body Cramps: "Ah! Ah! Ah! Lahat naninigas! Kahit pwet!"


Everyone did splendidly, and some were even officially recognized for their efforts:

JM, Edith - part of Pool A Mythical 7!!! Huwaw! (JM: "It must be the hair!")
Fel - Pool B MVP!
Lem - Newbies Pool MVP!
Cams - Newbies Mythical!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WTF 2010

WHEN: July 31 (elimination round) and August 7 (semifinals and championships)
WHERE: Barracks

Champions - Anak ng Put-i
1st Runner up - Code Red
2nd Runner up - Babes and Blue Balls
3rd Runner up - Bikining Itim

Most Spirited Team - Babes and Blue Balls

Recap by Fel:
The standings don't really do justice to the quality of the games played on both days, and the effort put in by all four teams... PARTICULARLY the battle for 3rd between Babes N' Blue Balls and Bikining Itim. Grabe, akala mo pang finals na dahil sa level ng excitement! The bikinis were down 8-5, but were able to rallye behind JM and Connie to score four straight points! They were able to swing the momentum in their favor, and looked like the game was theirs, but the Blue Balls still had something left in them. Goals were exchanged, and before we knew it, last point was called with the Bikinis leading 11-10.

Akalain mo ba naman, Blue Balls pa ang naka-score!!! Universal point (a.k.a. Heart Attack Play) na. Maraming exchanges ng possession, with both teams having difficulty scoring because of fatigue. In the end, the Blue Balls managed to sneak one in for the win! HANEP!!! Exciting talaga :o)

The finals match between Code Red and Anak ng Put-I wasn't as exciting though. The only important highlight of this match is that DINO of Anak ng Put-I has been on the winning team for the past four (4) Warriors tournaments - from the original Urda Open back in 2007 to present! O diba, panis ang 3-peat nila Jordan!


MVP Male - Macky
MVP Female - Connie
Mythical 6 - Nana, JM, Mike, Dino, Mich, Yelle
Best Defensive Player - Roger a.k.a. Jun-Jun
Most Improved Player - RJ
Newbie of the Year - Lemuelle a.k.a. Limonwells

Super Glue Award (pinakahanep sa grabs) - Limonwells
Early Bird Award (pinaka-late dumating) - JB
Team Toh-goyz Award (ang tough guys sa field) - Ward (for playing kahit na na-tocino na ang tuhod), JM (for playing savage)
Inertia-Monumentum Award a.k.a. bodybumping award (pinakamaraming collision incidents) - Connie
Dugyutin Award (no explanations needed) - Jhong
Paul Aparici Lifetime Achievement Award (waterbreak award) - Paul Aparici
Gay Guy of the Year Award (due to insistent public demand by Bikining Itim boys) - Ward
Loverboy of the Year Award (pakana ulit ng Bikining Itim boys) - Lloyd


Minor prizes
Tournament Jerseys - Lloyd, Greg, JM, Mich, Connie, Jhong, Jomen

Major prizes
Small cooler - Dino
Boon shorts - Ward, Crisjunders
Brand new disc - Mike
Free league fee (worth Php 500) - Kath

Grand prize
Havaianas slippers - Limonwells

Big thanks to all who supported the event - mga tumulong sa pag organize, mag-set up ng tent and tables during the games, set up ng cones, mag pack up ng mga gamit - at lalo na sa lahat ng mga nag participate.

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