Thursday, July 31, 2008

Monsoon Madness 2008: Day 2

From the Director's Chair. Thus, we shall pay our respects to his wisdom and observations.

UW vs. Espana United: 5-9

(mas madali manood kesa nasa loob, hehehe) - Short Game has improved leeps and bounds, there was a point for us i.e. the last point where Tish scored, the point started with a pull near the end zone (our end), short cuts and clogging was not a problem because everybody was not moving at the same time, Roy cuts, then Shane, then Kring, very patient and very fluid.(This was the point if you heard me Heckling before Dondi pick-up the Disc, "wala muna kikilos", sayang kasi ang movement kung di pa naman na-cacall na "disc in play" eh ikot na kayo ng ikot --- sasakit talaga ang mga katawan nyo lalo na Legs nyo, DIBA MINA hehehehe, pero masayang panooring na hinahabol-habol ka ng bantay mo hehehehe). My personal opinion is that whenever we play a seeded team we play our short game best, as compared to the later 2 games. Defense, our girls have to many blocks to count, well well well that is against Roselle Miranda (Philippine Team Lang Yun Noh!!!). Sa sideline ang ganda panoorin, napapa-hanep kame sa sideline, nice-blocks. Girls Warriors you were able to to that because, your were covering the offense at the back, you were able to read the pass of the handler and went ahead to the spot before the offensive player and was able to block it!!! That includes reading long hucks at the end zone. In summary girls have more blocks than the Boys hehehe, totoo yan. Well Dondi had same number of block or as many, lalo na against Molokai, malaki pa ang binabantayan nya. (insert Sarah, bakit ang laki ng binabantayan ng Honey Ko? Go Honey!!!!) Beterano na kasi yan hehehe (Peace!)

UW vs. Jogadores: 7-4


Erap taking a bath nang biglang lumindol. He ran outside the Beverly Hotel without his clothes on.
Guard: Mr. President! I think you forgot something...
Erap: Ay sh*t! Yung wristband ko!

Q: How do you confuse ERAP?
A: Stick him in a round room, and tell him to sit in the corner.

Pa-unang Salita --- we should not underestimate our competitors this does not mean, kahit na they never won with the Warriors, Jogadores (Malakas Maganda -- Underdogs) will never win against us. In all honesty, their handler Julius or IUS (Sometimes wearing a Jersey with BOSSING) is very good, Saturday morning before 9am Jogadores practices at Sunken Garden, then Later around 3-4pm goes to Ateneo Soccer Feild for afternoon session practice with Kayumanggi. Yun nga lang kulang-kulang lagi. Joy there Lady handler is always there. So nagprapractice sila. We scored 3 straight points against Jogadores, why? Favorite plays (long Hucks), Reymund to Lawrence, point 1, Reymund to Lawrence to Enteng point 3,Greg to Dondi, Dondi to Greg, Dondi (everybody insert: Si Patrict, Si Patrick sa endzone Open!!!!!!!!! --- Dondi insert (teka lang) Dondi -- pass risky and calculated, Patrick scores (1st Goal for the Monsoon yahooo!!! More to come Patrick. *** Comments We made those points against good defense, if you will see, how can we score 3 straight points, if we did not make good defense, thanks to the girls Ahem, ahem, ahem. hmmm, where are the girls teka, Tish was cuttting, Cel was running at the endzone, Sarah nasa likod ni Dondi. These point were all courtesy of the Girls defense, block, broken plays. Long points, this goes to show that all of us are improving, and that practices make us all better, against Jogadores, madamilong points, so nag-iincrease narin ang endurance and stamina natin, that the result of our weekly practices and pick-up.kaya na natin mag long point, starting from forcing to turn-over, slowly moving the disc, slowly thruupwind, mas accurate ang passes natin pag upwind kasi alam ng handler and receiver na upwind so na-reread na ang disc, Very Good Job in Disc reading! We made less turn over pag upwind. We make more risky huck pag with the wind tayo, kasi na tetempt ang handler to GO ALL THE WAY,PAG MAY SUMIGAW NG ALL THE WAY!!! ALL THE WAY!!! VERY TEMPTING hehehe. Pati Si Dondi na-tempt tuloy hehehehe (Nice One Honey!!!) Gilid plays, very effective, kasi sanay tayo sa Urdaneta na yan ang ginagawa, minsan gusto ko tuloy lagyan ng line sa gitna nawhite para kunyari yun ang sideline para nasa gitna tayo hehehe (HAHAHA WAY TO GO DOC)!

UW vs. Molokai: 8-7

Trivia: Molokai is a Bar/Resto in Makati where the Molokai Players drink regularly, the team was the defunct MAD (tama ba Greg?? oh well) Brainchild Dennis Zabal reformed the team last Summer League, and volunteered himself in teaching there newbies as I got to see them (the begginers) in SanLo with TODA Begginers night.

Was I playing both field, or 3 hmmm (TODA, Molokai, Warriors) well aside from doing my own drills for the love of the game, I scout the players as well. This is my way of compensating for my Age. I observe players strength and try to outplay them with there strength hehehe, matanda na talaga at magulang. So nag pra-practice din sila, we practice as well so as to protect our winning tradition hehehe.

Persons (Players) have natural tendencies di ba Reymund.

Analysis vs Molokai (sa totoo lang ayoko maglaro hehehe, kasi ni-nerbious ako, pag close ang laban gusto ko defense ako kesa offense -- kaya pala naka-score yung Naka-hubad hehehe, my Bad, cinover ko lang yung kasi walang bumabantay -- lame excuse)

Why did we lead by 3 points? Natural Tendencies --- Long Huck Reymund to Enteng, Enteng Dump to Reymund, Reymund to Lawrence, point 1,1-2, 1-2, 1-2, starting from the 3/4 of the field Sarah and Reymund combined for short and mid passes until Sarah went ahead without any defender until nakarating sila sa End Zone, Sarah, point 2. Di nakahabol ang defender kasi galing sa endzone nila trying to defend Sarah, so naiwan nya eventually, tired legs narin ang 4 na naging 5 later, take note yung "pleasantly healthy" na player nila. Medyo maganda nga panoorin kasi si Yelle ang Katapat parang TEN sila 1-0 hehehehe.

Teka lang... Nakalimutan ko pala yung highlights ng personal MVP tandadan ROY "WOW" UMALI. Sa dami dami ng Blocks mo sa Espana United, Goal sa Espana United. End Zone Strip for a End Zone Score, contested interception for a foul daw Haller!!! wala sayo ang Disc. Roy ang galing mo Idol, block against Molokai. Score against Molokai, and serveral saving catches!!!!Enteng ikaw din (insert : same as above with Roy) Sorry girls di kayo nakikita ni Mundz ang Greg kaya yung nasa long ang nakikita hehehe, nakikita nalang kayo pag stalling 7 na hehehe, This is where the TISH "coming coming coming audible comes into play" WHY? Pag nakakarining kasi ang defender ng audible ng may humihingi ng pass while cutting, tumitingin din sya, para ma block, also it could serve as a fake for the one audibly saying that he/she is cutting to make other areas open, make sense ba. Naka habol ang Molokai scoring 3-0, why did Molokai scored 3-2, then we scored 4-2, then 2 points for them tied at 4-4. Recap. The handler #23 was playing a short game, ala 1-2, with Dino, and the other Topless guy in chores in handling, at almost 3/4 of the field they went to the Chinese looking guy which eventually scored there 2 points, as observed, nag-semi stack kasi sila sa putik, and yung guys nilang long nasa side na walang putik, napansin ko nalang yun kasi medyo mabilis makatakbo kasi from midline pumupunta sa gilid kasi dun, di gano maputik kaya medyo makakatakbo. Trading points tayo after 4-4, 5-5. This was the point where DONDI said to himself "T*** **a kailangan natin manalo dito" with every Warriors was watching, Dondi was guarding #23 in an endzone play, ala box-out style, and low post in basketball combined, hehehe, the #23 Handler low-post Dondi, pwet muna for the position, sabay siko hehehe kalas si Dondi ayun score, hehehe, yan yung tumawag ng foul before that play hehehe, kita-kita ng lahat hahaha, then they led 6-5, hangang dun nalang sila. Winning formula, Dondi instructed Tish to employ a semi-cup sa handler, Tish was guarding a spot where it is actually blocking the cutting lanes from the midline, forcing bad throws which eventually ended a turnover, Sarah was also helping this way making them to be forced at 1 side of the Field (Thanks to the knowledge imparted by Nana, when we were tought the Cup Defense -- Nagbunga din -- meaning listening is part of learning talaga -- di nyo yan ma-aapreciate while playing -- the best view is from the sideline hehehe). Napako na sila sa 6, we scored back to back point, to win, to tie at 6-6, when official said LAST POINT, this was the nail bitting series of event ensued. Our disc at the 3/4 from our end zone, with the wind. Shane was the best cutter, as he had cut and catch several passes to make us across the field, nakasalo pa yan ng hinagin na disc na halos nakato na!!! Galing Mo Shane!!! Nakikita ko lahat yan.... Then several tries for the wind. 1st Lawrence, incomplete!!!!!!!! Foul daw kay Greg hehehehe (Kami ni Mike sa sideline, UUUUyyyyy tumawag ng Foul si Greg). Another try ang walang kamatayan na semi-long huck ulit!!! Greg after the back to handler, Roy naman made a wonderful cut, (Ayyyyy si Roy di nasalo --- Ako yung while pinching Mike's Shoulder) FOUL! FOUL! FOUL! FOUL CALLED!!!! Ay salamat. Dondi eto na yun sinasabi mo na nakaka nerbiyos, we were trying kaya sobrang kaba na lahat, nanonood nalang wala na nag checheer, awaiting the end result.

And finally OUR CFA PASSER MADE A PASS OF HIS LIFE, WITH A WINNING SCORED AT HIS RECENT CFA EXAM, WE ALL JUMPED AND CELEBRATED AT THE FIELD SHOUTING OUR HEARTS OUT!!!!! PUMASA SI GREG!!! PUMASA SI GREG!!!! SA CFA EXAM NYA!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS GREG!!!!!!!!!! ANG Galing mo talaga pumasa!!!!!, Di nakikita ni Greg ang mga cutters so, from previous plays Lawrence was cutting alone Greg's path of vision, after makita ni Greg si Lawrence cutting in, Lawrence went long, midline going toward left, and after FORCING GREG TO THROW FOREHAND (kasi puro daw Backhand), TIRAHAN NGA NG KILLER FOREHAND, OUTSIDE IN, while Lawrence was curling left to right!!! Ayun!!! Tapos ang Boxing.... Agent 0 saved the day from the Molokai, bwahahahahaha!!!!

Next week try watching with me.....
Doc on Scoot (never was I a good player, but a keen observer)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monsoon Madness 2008: Day 1

(By newly elected Captain Dondi)

Sunday. July 20, 2008.

Day 1. Monsoon League.
Alabang Country Club

Two months after the Summer League, the Ultimate Warriors braved the fields of Alabang for the start of Summer League Part 2. (Sobrang init, parang hindi Monsoon!) Fresh from their pre-Monsoon meeting and excited to compete once again, everyone laced up their cleats (except Jacq, Ms. Sleepyhead) well ahead of the first scheduled game. The team jogged together, stretched together, practiced throws together and ultimately baked under the merciless heat of the sun together. Oh Monsoon, where art thou?


Jacq - 2.5 games only. =)

Boys, Sara and Jaguar Po approachingMaayos pa pose ni White Dragon/Ako-Ang-Batas/Shaolin God CFA Master
Weck wacky na shuhhhh.... tinakpan pa si lleeyyuhhhhhhhhhh....


Wala na tayong fans!

9 males and 6 females. Just two lines and an extra male. Plus lack of sleep due to the pre-Monsoon meeting. Plus Smirnoff Ice still slowly swimming inside our system. And of course, how can we forget the Monsoon Sun? Proudly and perpetually above our heads, slowly draining every ounce of energy from our already lethargic bodies. Good Luck Warriors.


Game 1

Ultimate Warrios – 11
Shawarma Club – 13

It’s a bit disappointing that the Warriors lost to Shawarma Club (Xavier players) especially since the team has beaten this club each time they faced each other in the past. The Warriors were also holding the lead for most of the game. It was a cycle of getting a two point lead and relinquishing the lead just as fast. There was a bit of confusion also with the rotation (My bad guys) as sometimes there was just one handler on the field. The Warriors gave themselves an opportunity to win the game but a wild chain of events from the disc going through the hands of three players (two Warriors, one Shawarma) and ending in a layout goal for the Shawarma girl robbed us of the victory. But all in all, it was a good game for the Warriors considering the heat and lack of players and the heat and the adjusting with the new rotation scheme and of course, the heat.

Game 2

Ultimate Warriors – 13
Kayumanggi – 4

After a two-hour break, the Warriors faced their second opponent. Kayumanggi was a relatively beginner team and the Warriors took advantage. The team unleashed its secret weapon, Doctor extraordinaire, Jerome Castro. Dormant in the first game, the Doc exploded to score four or five goals in the contest, more than compensating for the absence of lead Hound Czarmel. Yeba! The newest member of the Houndz, Felix, also showcased his speed showing no signs that this was his first League game and only 3rd time overall to play Ultimate. But the unquestionable highlight of all highlights of course, is Roy ’s rolling attack. Now famously known in the Warriors circle as “gulungan sa damuhan”, Tisha and Roy scored in the endzone but no goal was counted. (Peace Tisha and Roy!) The event cannot be put into words and you just have to personally be there to understand. Sorry na lang sa mga absent. =)

Game 3

Ultimate Warriors – 12
TODA – 2

By the start of the 3rd game, the Warriors were already beaten down by the sun. The Warriors faced a team with a familiar face (Hi JM!). Both teams were actually laboring, showing signs of fatigue throughout the game. But the Warriors had enough in its tank to pull through and secure their second victory of the day.

After the games, most of the team went on to ATC to eat and rehydrate after three games in one day under extreme heat and competition. It was super tiring but super fun. And the Warriors can’t wait to do it all over again this Sunday.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Waves and Drunken Pleasure (got that from Yelle)

June 26, 2008 was the Ultimate Warriors' Post-Summer (it's rainy season na kasi eh) Outing, which was held at Punta Fuego and Sarah's house in Calamba.

Despite the weather forecasts that were posted on the net and flashed in the news, the outing was still pushed through.... RAIN or SHINE, TULOY PARIN!!
The golden ticket was a bit late to meet up with the crazy gang but in the end, the Warriors safely arrived at Punta Fuego, ready to swim & play Ultimate on the sand.

While waiting for the golden ticket

Terrazas de Punta Fuego... oh no shoreline's narrow!!

Whheeeee we have finally arrived!!

It was sad to see the beach. The shoreline got narrow, the waves were really strong and the sand eroded big time. Gosh darn that global warming.

Circa 2007... Such wide shoreline...

2008... Narrow... What'll happend to the world in the next 50 years??

But despite of global warming's effect on the beach, the place felt so right for the Warriors: A Mediterranean style cabana that was able to accomodate 23 people, the beach that was all for the Warriors (because there were super few people who were there), hammocks all over the place, and cool sounds were played while chillaxing big time. We spent the entire daytime playing ultimate, drinking chilled booze, swimming at the sea and pool, sleeping, working (well that's just one person) and just chillaxing big time. Lunch was quite pricey but in fairness, it was the perfect place to do photo ops (the place has a nice ambiance).


Chillaxing Big Time

Fun under the sun

Lunchtime... Huwaawww romantic!

Ultimate Frisbee!!

Clyde's "Exhale" Photo Pose

It rained in the afternoon but it did not make the Warriors stop from having fun. So most of the gang went to the infinity pool, while some slept and one person kept on working. It got a little bit chilly during the scattered rainshowers but after an hour, the sun came out. As the minutes approached to the closing of the resort, the Warriors had to decide where to eat before the "big night" (gosh hhannuzzbhhhuzzz PBB?).

Dinnertime was at a Mexican resto located at Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

Then the fateful night. Bangenge night at Sarah's place. The house was big to accomodate the entire mob. Jomen and the Golden Ticket did not make it to Calamba but the 21 beach freaks plus Shane (he followed from work) were started boozing up. Quoted from Tish the Dish, "our new members have been officially inducted into the Warriors School of Partying." Oh yeah baby... Totally true!! Oh yeah, what were the drinks??? Too many to mention...

Nakakalasheng habang tinitignan mo palang.... at kulang pa yan...

Sodium fest galore..... Tsk tsk but yuummmmm......

Ang saya-saya!!

It sure was a fun-filled event for the Warriors. Where to for 2009? Will it be a beach trip or somewhere beyond the 7100 islands of the Philippines?? What about the Siam Land?? Just a suggestion...

"You're beautiful... You're beautiful... You're beautiful it's true..." BBAAMMM!!! Hahahahahahaahahahaha!!!

Until the next outing Warriors.

Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... ULTIMATE!!! WARRIORS!!

Pics by Tish the Dish, Kring and Reckless

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