Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Waves and Drunken Pleasure (got that from Yelle)

June 26, 2008 was the Ultimate Warriors' Post-Summer (it's rainy season na kasi eh) Outing, which was held at Punta Fuego and Sarah's house in Calamba.

Despite the weather forecasts that were posted on the net and flashed in the news, the outing was still pushed through.... RAIN or SHINE, TULOY PARIN!!
The golden ticket was a bit late to meet up with the crazy gang but in the end, the Warriors safely arrived at Punta Fuego, ready to swim & play Ultimate on the sand.

While waiting for the golden ticket

Terrazas de Punta Fuego... oh no shoreline's narrow!!

Whheeeee we have finally arrived!!

It was sad to see the beach. The shoreline got narrow, the waves were really strong and the sand eroded big time. Gosh darn that global warming.

Circa 2007... Such wide shoreline...

2008... Narrow... What'll happend to the world in the next 50 years??

But despite of global warming's effect on the beach, the place felt so right for the Warriors: A Mediterranean style cabana that was able to accomodate 23 people, the beach that was all for the Warriors (because there were super few people who were there), hammocks all over the place, and cool sounds were played while chillaxing big time. We spent the entire daytime playing ultimate, drinking chilled booze, swimming at the sea and pool, sleeping, working (well that's just one person) and just chillaxing big time. Lunch was quite pricey but in fairness, it was the perfect place to do photo ops (the place has a nice ambiance).


Chillaxing Big Time

Fun under the sun

Lunchtime... Huwaawww romantic!

Ultimate Frisbee!!

Clyde's "Exhale" Photo Pose

It rained in the afternoon but it did not make the Warriors stop from having fun. So most of the gang went to the infinity pool, while some slept and one person kept on working. It got a little bit chilly during the scattered rainshowers but after an hour, the sun came out. As the minutes approached to the closing of the resort, the Warriors had to decide where to eat before the "big night" (gosh hhannuzzbhhhuzzz PBB?).

Dinnertime was at a Mexican resto located at Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

Then the fateful night. Bangenge night at Sarah's place. The house was big to accomodate the entire mob. Jomen and the Golden Ticket did not make it to Calamba but the 21 beach freaks plus Shane (he followed from work) were started boozing up. Quoted from Tish the Dish, "our new members have been officially inducted into the Warriors School of Partying." Oh yeah baby... Totally true!! Oh yeah, what were the drinks??? Too many to mention...

Nakakalasheng habang tinitignan mo palang.... at kulang pa yan...

Sodium fest galore..... Tsk tsk but yuummmmm......

Ang saya-saya!!

It sure was a fun-filled event for the Warriors. Where to for 2009? Will it be a beach trip or somewhere beyond the 7100 islands of the Philippines?? What about the Siam Land?? Just a suggestion...

"You're beautiful... You're beautiful... You're beautiful it's true..." BBAAMMM!!! Hahahahahahaahahahaha!!!

Until the next outing Warriors.

Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... ULTIMATE!!! WARRIORS!!

Pics by Tish the Dish, Kring and Reckless


Lei said...

"Where to for 2009?"

Di pa tapos ang 2008!! We still have half a year!!

gladzalwayshappy said...

buti na yun malayo na ating pangarap for 2009... hehehehe!

yelle said...

woohoo!!! more outings and parties to come!! :)

gladzalwayshappy said...

oh yeah!! hahahaha!!

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