Sunday, March 4, 2012

NYL12 Division B Champs!

Super short recap activate!

Having defeated SpaceGrapes in the quarterfinals, UW battled it out with KLAW in the semis. KLAW won the round robin game against the team so this time the Warriors were prepared to take no prisoners. Again the girls' solid cup defense and a pretty good offense helped the Warriors win the game. The finals match was against Makiling Ultimate Club (MUC), a young and strong team that was new to the division. This time, experience and numbers also played to the Warriors' advantage.  Using the same cup defense and short offense, the Warriors won the championships (final score 16-10). Six team members also received individual awards. The end. YAYYYY.

After the finals game vs. Makiling Ultimate Club

(L-R): The Bar Vodka Orange; League Female MVP - Jane; Mythical - Fel, Jacq, Yelle; Finals Female MVP - Chlods
Not in photo: Finals Male MVP - Jamel

Photo op after the quick awarding ceremony

New team pet: tropheus pangchampionus

Congrats, Warriors!

All photos from Tish.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Photo by JM/Cel
Jerseys and shorts by Yaya Couture.
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