Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer League Party

Yup, it was indeed a different story. After the tiring game, the disc-crazed people celebrated victory, defeat and friendship at Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street. The party's theme was "under the sea", but apparently people went there as they were and partied like there was no tomorrow. Each team brought their own concoction and shared it to everyone and anyone.

As always, the Warriors knew how to rock any and every party. The people had a great time dancing, drinking and sharing drinks to other people.

Ultimate Warriors Summer League 2008 Party

  • Clyde incessantly raved (or ranted) "OMIGOSH I'M SO DRUNK!"
  • Reckless and Yelle did some "Laguna Beach" showdown
  • While the girls did the showdown, "someone" at the back got entertained.
  • Jaguar Paw strutted out so much on the dancefloo
  • Why did Doc leave early?
  • Tish the Dish showed her CADs-ish movement
  • Jomen journeyed around the entire floor, one minute she's beside us, next minute, she's on the other side with some of the teams.
  • Gladzalwayshappy and the gangbang... 'nuff said
  • The Lord wasn't there... Tsk tsk.. And he kept asking about the party, like what time are we going there... akala ba naman namin punta siya but no... double tsk tsk... Hehehehe peace!
  • MC2 girls endlessly danced the night away
  • Wang Min (tama ba?) shared his concoction & his chocolates from the US of A.
  • Hmmm I guess we have to place more pictures to explain the whole scene...

Doc san ka nakatingin?

Sayawan na!!

Dondi: No more drinks??; Mike: Here's my conconction; Mundz: Cool runnings

Tignan mo may baon yung ibang teams?

The rest of the party peeps

We truly missed those who weren't in the party: Leahloo who was in JongKongz with girlfriends; Mina.. san ka 'nun? Di pa magaling yung Chinese tumbling wound mo by Doc? Hehehe peace!; Gary sayang wala ka!; Onga pala, paging to our OFW FWENDSSS... we've been missing you since you guys left. Balik na kayo!!

Until the next league Warriors.

Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... ULTIMATE!!! WARRIORS!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer League Finals Day. There’s no tomorrow. It’s win or go home.

The Ultimate Warriors were vying for the Pool B championship. As the number 4 seed, they just wanted to win their quarterfinals match up and enjoy the rest of their games. But they were closer to the championship than they originally thought…

Players: (Sorry kung may nalimutan ako)
Ivy Puno

Fans: (Yeba!)
Ivy Asilo (Yihee!)
Jacq (with her sister and cousins)

Ultimate Warriors – 12
Molokai – 6
This was a rematch of the Day 2 game when both teams were still in Pool C. The Warriors won that game by the slimmest of margins (sa mga nag nosebleed, one point ibig sabihin nito). The first game was intense. And the rematch would not be different. The Warriors jumped to an early lead as they scored the first three points of the match. But the Molokai team wanted revenge for their first round loss and would play hard as they were able to even the score at 6-6. And this is when the Warriors turned it up a notch. They made sure to score the next point and take a one point lead into halftime. During the second half, there would be more Warriors good play as they would not let Molokai score again. However, there would be a lot of contested and controversial calls and a lot of heated and intense arguments. The Warriors team was again told to “Read the Rulebooks” (apparently this also happened during the round 1 encounter). This is coming from a guy who is contesting a travel call when he was on the other end of the field and obviously was not in position to make or contest a call. Another controversial call was when Nana told Lawrence (who has possession of the disc) to call a timeout. Lawrence instead made a pass to the endzone for a goal which was contested by Molokai as they argued that play should stop since a timeout was called. For the record, VI.A.4 of the Official Rules of Ultimate 11th edition sates to wit “After the pull, only a thrower with possession of the disc that has survived ground contact can call a time out.” (Underscoring Ours) Thus, there was no timeout since Lawrence (the thrower with possession of the disc) did not call one. Yes, the Warriors know the rules. (at least si Nana alam. Kanina ko lang niresearch to. Hehe.) But what made things worse was that the Molokai team would not talk and argue reasonably. They would accept the calls but there would be a lot of mumbling and gesturing that suggest that the Warriors were resorting to foul play. It would have been easier if both teams calmed down and discussed the contested calls and agreed on a resolution. But it was too late for that. Both teams were intense and wanted to win. Enteng even had a face-to-face altercation with a Molokai player (Mr Suave: Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! Just ask Bossing for the details). At the end of the game, the Warriors emerged victorious 12-6. But this was not received well by the other team and some Molokai players would be hesitant to shake the hands of the Warriors. It was a bit frustrating for some of the Warriors but a win is a win and the team is moving on to the semis. And even if they didn’t intend to, they just started a bitter rivalry with the Molokai squad.

Ultimate Warriors – 10
Monster – 11
After the hard-fought win over their “rival”, the Warriors had a one hour break before facing Monster. Just a week has passed since Monster handed the Warriors its third straight defeat, 13-8. There was no pressure to win this game but the Warriors team knew that they can compete with Monster and there is still a chance for victory. And the relaxed Warriors team showed just how good they can be. The two teams exchanged goals as they fought a close game. With the Warriors up 4-3, Monster decided to switch to a Cup defense. The Warriors arduously brought down the disc. Inch by inch, one short pass at a time. The Monster Cup tested the patience of the Warriors offense to the limit. The Warriors were near the endzone already when the Monster Cup broke an intended pass to the endzone (My bad! Sorry!). The exhausted Warriors could not get back on D as Monster scored an easy point to tie the game. Monster and the Ultimate Warriors would then exchange goals again as neither team was able to pull away. Monster would continue to put on a Cup defense and the Warriors would again labor its way to the endzone. They swung it back and forth but they can’t seem to swing it fast enough and break free on the other side as they let the Monster Cup hound them. After what seemed like forever, the Warriors found enough holes and made enough dangerous passes to score a well-deserved goal. There was also a sensational yet scary play when Enteng made a high pass to the endzone. Clyde made a good catch over two Monster players but was bumped while in mid-flight. With the disc still in his grasp he was pulled back down by gravity as his head bounced on the ground. The Warriors bench cleared as they raced down the field and found Clyde on the ground with his eyes closed, left hand clutching the disc and with his lower body inside the endzone. (Yay! Goal!) He would stay down for a few more seconds before he was pulled up by his teammates and greeted with cheers and some jeers (overheard: “Donds, tama na arte. Bumangon ka na dyan.”). With five minutes left, the Warriors were up 9-8 and they would score another goal to extend its lead to two points. They played hard defense and were able to force a turnover before the final minute was called on the field. The Warriors were up by two with one minute remaining. This was it. They were close. They could taste victory. They were headed to the finals. And then it happened. With a blink of an eye, the Warriors committed a costly turnover near the Monster endzone. Monster immediately took advantage and scored a quick point. The Warriors came crashing back to earth. They now have to score a goal to secure the win. Monster again opted for a Cup defense. And again, the Warriors slowly, patiently and painstakingly brought the disc down the length of the field. But again, the Warriors would commit a costly turnover. Monster raced down to their endzone easily, as the tired Warriors could do nothing but watch desperately as Monster tied the game. Their hearts and their minds wanted to push on and play hard defense, but their weary legs could do no more. It has now come down to one point. Whoever scores the next goal will advance to the finals. The next few minutes was a blur (either di ko na maalala or kinalimutan ko na lang talaga). The Ultimate Warriors would turn the disc over again and allow Monster to score the game winning goal. Final score 11-10. The Warriors played arguably their best game of the league but still came up short.

Battle for 3rd Place
Ultimate Warriors – 3
K3 – 10
The sting of the loss to Monster was carried forward to the next game with K3. Casualties of the previous game can be seen everywhere. Enteng was not able to play as he suffered from cramps during the last moments of the Monster game. And Czarmel would also be lost early in the game. But this game was lost even before it started. Everyone did not have the energy and the will to play on. Clearly devastated from the heartbreaking loss, the Warriors were lucky to have scored three goals during the match. Everyone was sluggish and could not wait for the game to be over. It was a forgettable game except for the “all vs. all” final point (“Everyone on the line!”). Every member of K3 and the Warriors took on the field. And as K3 pulled the disc everyone went running towards the middle of the field while screaming their battle cries. The Warriors played their very, very short game as everyone had a good time. The Warriors lost the final point and lost their final game of the Summer League. But they emerged victorious, with new experiences, new friends and even new rivals. And they vowed to be back for Monsoon, stronger than ever.

Finals Day Record: 1-2
Overall record after 15 games: 9-6
4th Place Pool B
Overall Rank before Summer League: 16th
Overall Rank after Summer League Finals: 12th (Woohoo! We improved four ranks!)

After losing their final match, the Ultimate Warriors stayed to watch the Finals of Pool A as SPO1 beat Bombproof. Later that night, they would party with the whole PUA community in Top Shelf, Bonifacio High Street. But that’s a whole new story…
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