Monday, October 6, 2008

2008 Malakas at Maganda 2: Day 3 Highlights

Bullets by Dundiduters
(with additional quotable quotes from Tish the Dish, Doc, Kring!)

Seeding day for the boys.
  • Complete boys roster except New Nyorker Lawee. Awwww.
  • More boys equals a harder time fixing the rotation and less playing time for each person but it also gives us the opportunity of "line subbing" and keeping everybody fresh for the entire game.
  • And the boys team needed every person in gutting out its two wins via universal point.
  • First game vs Underdogs features a rematch of the Day 1 game which ended in a universal goal by Lawee.
  • The game showed again that these two teams are evenly matched as they traded points all the way to the last goal.
  • There was a bit of wind which affected play as each goal was scored on a downwind offensive opportunity.
  • Last point was called. Czar made a huck to Dondi which was almost intercepted by Ius but the tapped disc stayed afloat in the air and Dondi made a fortunate catch. Dondi to Roy, who caught the disc but was called short of a goal. After his trademark move (hehe), he picked up the disc and two short passes later Warriors score the final goal for the universal point win!
  • Second game vs Monster 1, the team we almost beat during the Summer League Pool B semifinals.
  • They only have 1 sub. 16 vs 8. Advantage Warriors.
  • Monster applied their trademark cup the entire game testing the Warriors patience.
  • Warriors proved they have the ability to break the cup as they patiently moved the disc up.
  • Short game and movement is improving. But once the endzone is in sight, eveyone moves in and clogs the area. Can't blame people for wanting to score. And sometimes you just have to remind them to "Clear that sh*t!"
  • Long game is also on as Mund bailed us out of trouble a couple of times with long accurate hucks to the endzone.
  • Warriors jumped to a 3 point lead and appeared poised for a runaway victory. Pero syempre, mas gusto ata natin ng "heart attack play" a.k.a. the universal point.
  • Monster scored three quick points to tie the game. Last point was called on the field. Eto na, aatakihin na naman ang mga tao sa kaba ng universal point.
  • Knowing that Monster will use the cup, the Warriors fielded in four handlers (Mund, Nana, Dondi and Enteng as popper/handler/hound extraordinaire).
  • Patience was tested to the limit. "Gapang" play ensued. Major props to Reymund for resisting the urge to throw his formidable huck. (This is the same as Mundz resisting a bottle of ice cold beer or sisig plus extra rice. Kaya major props talaga!)
  • The handlers took their time. Slowly bringing the disc up, sometimes gaining, sometimes losing a few meters. But the important thing is that we have possession and we don't commit the turnover. After countless passes of the handlers and with the help of the poppers, the Warriors finally reached the endzone for the game-winning universal point. (di ko matandaan kung sino, basta panalo!)
  • Our prize for winning? A trip to Pool A and a matchup with the number 1 team of the league. Nye, parang parusa instead of reward. hehe.
Because of the alternating games, the boys were able to catch the girls games as well.
  • Girls first game vs Flag Footed.
  • I think Mina was confused because of the opposing team's American footbal jerseys. Ayun, muntik na i-tackle yung isang babae.
  • Nakakalito si Reema and Ivy. Yeeeeessssss! Artistahin!
  • Flag Footed girls went hardcore as they made layout after layout after layout....
  • Good job Waryoritas short game. Although, the ladies still need a bit more consistency, you are already able to bring down the disc. Konti na lang, but we're getting there.
  • Jane has a mean huck. Forcing forehand or forcing backhand? No problem.
  • And although the girls only managed a single point, the final score did not show the heart and the hussle of our very fine lady Warriors.
  • Second game vs Discpatchadoras (friends of Annie Batumbakal na gabi gabi na lang na nasa Disco).
  • Warriors had a lot of missed opportunities near the endzone. Sayang! Pero ok lang yun. Baka excited lang maka-goal, parang ang mga boys.
  • From the start, medyo mainit na ang laban. That's when Mother Nature stepped in to cool the players down with rain.
  • Ang lamig sa sidelines. Buti na lang may Bacardi Coke.
  • The rain seemed to even up the field as the lady Warriors showed their mettle forcing multiple turnovers and scoring two points.
  • Girls come up short but they were pumped with their performance. And they should be! The opposing team is composed of experienced players and the Lady Warriors defense prevented them from reaching the point cap while being able to have its second-highest scoring game of the league. Wooohooo!
After the games, the Warriors went to Congo Grille for the usual Lamon fest.
  • Free sisig! Two courtesy of the Warriors Team Fund (WTF!!!) and two more courtesy of Bernard, the Congo Grille shift manager. Thanks Bernie! (feeling close)
  • Sabaw! Sabaw! Sabaw! Bulalo sabaw refill times three!
  • Extra rice please! Lintik na kanin P26 ang isa. Style ata ni Bernie na magbigay ng Sisig para magorder pa ng kanin.
  • A group of Disc players (combo of SP and BC) also came to Congo and took the long table beside us. A short pick up game followed. Buti walang nabasag. Up!!!
  • A not-so-sober Cherry approached our table (ay baliktad pala yung watch ko) and congratulated the girls for their effort and their improving skills. We're all growing as a team daw. Yeba! Sila rin daw ganun nung start. Inabot sila ng three finals appearance bago sila nagchampion. Hmmmm. Tayo kaya makakailang taon bago man lang makapag finals?
  • As a token of our gratitude, we sent one plate of sisig to the other table. Wala na kasing budget mag extra rice.
  • Baka may kwento pa sa kabilang side ng table, kayo na bahala. Basta ang alam ko lang si Czar anti-social. Panay ang PSP! hehe.
  • Ang kabilang side ng table naka nakaw ng iilang rice from the other side kasi nabitin sa P26 rice. Thank you!!!
  • Ang tagal dumating ng waterrrrr!!!!!
Who's line is it anyway?
  • "Clear that sh*t!!!"
  • "Donds, puede ko na ibato?" sabay smile
  • "Wag ka titingin sa malayo! Dito mo ibigay!" medyo pasigaw pero hindi naman galit.
  • "Go jane! Ibato mo na! Jane! Jane!" tapos si Jane wala sa loob ng field, nandun sa sideline, nagpapahinga
  • "I'm in na kaya, I'm in na!" with matching hand movements and actions (Doc gayahin mo nga ulit)
  • "......." di namin maintindihan pero she was mouthing something while trying to tackle her clueless foe. hehe
  • "May sale sa ATC" (sino ba yung wala sa Congo? hehe)
  • "Jog up! JOG UUUUP!" (Sabay nag-score 'yung binabantayan niya. Ahehe. Peace tayo, Mr. Anonymous!)
  • "Nagpapanic ako na I didn't have my list. I just realized I'm such a control freak."(di niya kasi hawak ang list niya ng mga confeermed and/or magdadala ng kotse)
  • "Alam na namin 'yon." (na control freak siya)
  • "Out of all the teams na nakalaban natin, isa lang 'yung masasabi kong mas maganda sa atin." (Apparently lumabas daw sila sa Maxim before! So...anong laban natin du'n di ba? Haha.)
  • "PICK-UP, GIRLS! PICK-UP, GIRLS! Hmmmm... pick-up girls... "
  • "Wow Pick-up Girls! Hmmmm, pwede hehehehe..."
  • FlagFooted Superstar: "So where you guys from?"
    (silent mode...di alam isasagot)
    FlagFooted Superstar: "I mean, what team?"
    "Warriors kame."
    "Lets just say we're accountants."
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