Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2008 Malakas at Maganda 2: Day 2 Highlights

Part 1 by Tish the Dish

Ultimit Waryurs Women vs. Devil Dogs from the Dirty South

Our first game was against the defending champs, the Devil Dogs (made up of the Devils + Alabang...and with at least three Team Pilipinas players! Anobuuuuzzz). And since they're the defending champs, sila ang napili ng camera crew na i-video. Again, anobuuuzzz. And if that weren't enough, nag-coach pa sa kanila si Derek! ANOBUUUUUZZZZ?!! (Wala kaming coach coz the boys were playing three fields away.:( ) Jacq, ngayon ka pa talaga umabsent di ba? Hehe. Nung magkatabi kami sa sideline (dalawa kaming sumisigaw sa endzone. Hahaha), gusto ko siya sabihan nang "Seryoso ka ba? Nakikita mo naman kung sino kalaban niyo di ba?"

And then napansin ko nung nawala 'yung camera crew, nawala din si Derek. Ang showbiz talaga ng Papa D mo! Pang-showtime talaga. Hahaha.

Final score: 13-1. Quota! Haha. The point was courtesy of Cel...and no, you are not exempted from next week's games. Hehe.

Ultimit Waryurs Women vs. JKK United

We thought we had a fighting chance against this team, made up of Jogadores, Kayumanggi, and K3 ata--based on the Day 1 scores, they were massacred din eh. And when we saw their go-to drills nung day 1 (magpractice ba naman sa harap natin, blocking our view of the boys' game!), parang kaya talaga.

I must say, our short game was really good. Palagi lang nagkakaproblema pagdating sa endzone. Dondi says it's coz sanay tayo sa Urda length, na 3/4 lang nung ACC field. So kung Urda 'yon, ang dami na nating points! Hehe.

Our main problems lang were:
  1. The wind. We have to get used to low passes. Ang daming sayang na hinangin na pass.
  2. Their hucks. We didn't expect them to have good long passes. So naka-ilang points sila from that.
It was cool though coz Alabang was cheering for us! They said that our movement is good na. I guess we really just have to fix our passes.

Final score: 8-4.

Must give props to....
  • The girls' defense! Maganda ang D natin! Ang dami nating blocks (si Jane nakarami), especially sa second game! Lahat ata tayo may block, including first-time tournament player Ayeen! Meron pa ngang unintentional block si Kring. Naglalakad lang naka-block na. Pati Alabang natawa! Haha.
  • I'm so proud of our girls coz they really hustled, especially sa second game. Nag-dive ang mga hindi naman nagda-dive dati (hi, Mina and Ena!), at gumaganda na ang cuts (hi, Apple!). You guys were hungrier for the disc this time around. Ahluvet.
  • The handlers are more confident now! We just have to work on our throws pag mahangin, at pag nala-line trap.

Part 2 by Crocodile Dundi
  • First game versus Pretty Boy and the Gang (PBG) which started with only six players so the UW Mens squad believed they had a chance...until PBG scored the first goal easily.
  • The boys were able to remain competitive at the beginning keeping the score close. Two more PBG players arrived and we were reduced to the "quota" game. Quota na tayo! Yehey!
  • We have to bring our A game to be able to beat the faster, more cohesive unit of PBG. Yesterday, we..uhm..didn't.
  • The Ultimate Warriors are in the running for the Pool B Championship...if PBG moves up to Pool A.
  • No worries though about the loss as PBG is certainly the toughest team in the pool. Just showed that the UW Mens still have a lot of room for improvement. And there's no place to move but up. The sky's the langit!
  • Second game versus TODA 2 was a little less intense. There was no pressure and the other team was also very spirited.
  • We knew we had the upper hand versus this team and we wanted to end the game as quick as possible so that we could cheer on our girls team. However, the wind was starting to pick up and it made it harder to complete offensive opportunities.
  • Greg was designated to check and help the girlz. (Nakatulong ba sya? Samin kasi, hindi e. haha. joke. Peace Greg! )
  • UW Mens was able to run away with the win but we did not reach the point cap so we were not able to catch the Women's game.
  • Third game versus Kayumanggi and the wind was really blowing mightily at this point.
  • Kayumanggi's strategy was obvious from the beginning..huck huck huck.
  • UW Mens Team was not able to defend the first few long hucks of Kayumanggi as the two teams traded the first few points.
  • The team showed patience in bringing down the disc, using the short game as it battled through the field against the strong wind. We also showed we could go for the long hucks as the handlers took advantage when the wind was in our favor..
  • After a tight start, the Warriors scored consecutive points to blow the game wide open and prompted the other team to ask for "mercy" and stop the game a few minutes before time cap. (Kayumanggi only had 7 players so they also had a hard time without subs and some of them suffered from cramps already)
  • UW Mens rushed to the other end of the fields to cheer on the last play for the UW Womens team versus JKK.
What did we learn:
  • Baduy pag sabay ang Mens at Womens game. Booooo! The boys were torn. We wanted to win our games but at the same time we wanted to cheer and support our girls. We want to be water boys and umbrella boys. Yung mga boys sa sideline, malayo ang tingin. Yung game ng girls ang pinapanood. Sana next week hindi na sabay ang games ng boys at girls.
  • We are at the mercy of the elements. Ang lakas ng hangin. Ang hirap pumasa. Hindi puede mataas masyado at hindi rin puede ang mahina. Dapat low, bullet passes. Dapat ma-practice maglaro na may hangin. Greg: "Dapat maghanap na tayo ng field na may hanging" Enteng: "Dapat matuto na tayo i-control ang hangin!" Hindi pa yan nakainom masyado. hehe.
  • Matigas ang ulo ng mga tao. Scenario 1: "Guys, wag masyado mataas ang mga pasa ha. Mahangin masyado." Tapos three consecutive passes ata na mataas tapos hahabulin ng receiver tapos mataas din ang pasa sa next receiver. Pero in fairness, umabot naman sa goal. Scenario 2: "Swing sa gitna." And you know what happens next. The infamous Urda Gilid play. In fairness ulit, naka-goal naman. Scenario 3: "Cut back!" sabay long ang mga loko! Scenario 4: "Don't clog!" Tatlong itlog sabay sabay nagcut sa gitna. Scenario 5: "Roy, wag mo itaas kamay mo ng ganun. Baka ma-misinterpret kasi na opposing team." Kasalukuyan na lang naming hinihintay na mapaaway kami. It's inevitable. hehe.
  • Rookies rock the show! Props to Chris and Jim for coming up big in their first PUA game.

Go girls! Go boys! Go ULTIMIT WARYURS!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2008 Malakas at Maganda 2: Day 1 Highlights

Highlight #1: Bullets from Crocodile Dondi
  • Two games each for UW Mens (morning games) and UW Womens (afternoon games). First time Warriors fielded in a Womens Team. Woot-woot!
  • Suportahan ta ka! Warriors showed their love and support as the girls woke up early to support the boys and the boys stayed after thair games to support the girls.
  • Mens first game vs Underdogs/Jogadores/Wild Boys close fight all the way. Warriors have a new name - Universal Warriors Dancers (for their love of universal points, inspired by the original UMD).
  • Universal point ends in familiar fashion - game-winning goal by future New Nyorker Lawrence. Thank you Sonny Boy!
  • Men's second game vs Monster highlighted the Warriors improvement, showcasing their patience in the short game as they broke the opposing team's cup consistently earning easy points and jumping to an early big lead that they never relinquished. Final score: 10-5.
  • UW Mens gives Sonny Boy a big send-off as the team goes undefeated in the first day of elimination play.
  • UW Womens team played first ever PUA league game. Woot-woot! Boys show full suport.
  • UW Womens first game vs Slush, a powerhouse team composed of at least 2 Team Pilipinas members and a lot of good players.
  • Sarah showed ankle breaking skillz as her defender falls down at least once, everybody helps out in handling and the UW Womens team showed that they can play with the best of the Pool A teams! (talo pa ang UW Mens na na sa Pool B lang. hehe)
  • UW Womens did not score but they showed their heart, cutting hard to break free, hussling to chase on defense, falling down to save and catch discs.
  • Skky Vodka and Mountain Dew!
  • UW Womens second game vs another powerhouse, TODA Womens.
    Good defense by the ladies squad resulted in fastbreaking "gilid" plays only to come up short of the enszone multiple times. Until...Finally, one of the fastbreak runs made up of several quick cuts and short passes continued all the way for the UW Womens first ever goal! UW Womens first goal is the Highlight of the Day! Woot-woot!
  • Some members of the UW Mens stormed the field as they celebrated with the girls in what seemed like a championship-winning goal!
  • UW Womens lose both games but they still showed the other teams what they're made of and gained a whole lot of experience along the way. Good job ladies!
  • Warriors headed to Hotshots after the games. Matagal ang order at matagal din ang suklian.
  • Sonny Boy surprises the team with two cakes from Conti's (one with "Thank you Warriors" and the other with "Ultimate Frisbee" written in icing). The Warriors will surely miss the countless defensive stops, hussle plays and game-winning goals. Thank you Lawrence/Law/Lawee/Sonny Boy/Agent 0. Sing: Babalik ka rin...(sabay hagulgol. wahhhh)
  • The Warriors discussed Nat Sci stuff e.g., layers of the earth, types of cloud (sarah: "favorite ko cirrus), etc., displayed their Yoga skills (Gladys show us your half-moon), reminisced WTF and previous inuman sessions (1,2,3, Booooooooo!.. sabay smile) and generally had loads of fun while chugging in the burgers, fries and cakes.
  • Great day to celebrate friendship! (*tear*) Great day to be a disc adik! Great day to be an Ultimate Warrior! Next week, let's do it all over again.


Highlight#2: A Few Notes from Tish the Dish

For those who missed the games yesterday, the boys won both games. (Woohoo!) The girls lost both. Really badly. Haha. BUT I think we learned a lot from our games. The experience will make us better players! Hello, kalabanin ba naman ang SP at TODA. Ewan ko lang ha.

A few notes for the girls, based on my observations, and the things I heard people say:

* Be confident! It's like dancing, you have to own the step! Own your throws! (Tuloy, mukha raw akong sumasayaw pag nagfe-fake.) Nag-aalangan pa rin ako sa mga bato ko, lalo na pag mahangin, but the only way we're gonna learn is if we keep doing it, right?

* Clear! Andu'n pa rin 'yung sakit natin na nagco-clog up 'yung passing lane. When we cut and don't get the disc, clear kaagad instead of just cutting side to side and clogging up the area. Give others a chance to cut.

* Clear! Part 2. Let's not clog up the dump side din. Sumusunod ang defenders so it gets a bit crowded back there. Mahirap na rin magdump. Normally, pag H (horizontal stack), may isang handler naman who acts as the dump, so the cutters can just stay on their designated sides and cut.

* Clear! Part 3. Let's not clog the end zone...assuming we reach the end zone. Bwahahaha.

*Anticipate! Cutters, pag nakita niyo nang pa-swing sa handler on your side, cut forward na agad. I think this is the reason we have a hard time breaking the cup--parang we wait til the handler gets the disc before cutting. By then, nakapag-set up na ulit ng D 'yung kabilang team.

* Don't panic! We're so inspired by the top teams na sobrang bilis mag-catch and pass na minsan minamadali natin. It's cool if we can pass it forward right away, but sometimes it's just not possible So let's remember that we have 10 counts.:)

* Bawal magkasakit! Cel! Nang dahil sa 'yo, bawal kami ni Sarah magpahinga nang sabay. Syet. Bugbog ang katawan ko ngayon. Yelle and Jomen, we needed your Cherifer-powered height advantage yesterday. Ang tangkad ni Bing from Slush, hassle!

* Have fun! It's great that we're taking it seriously and everything, and that we're picking up lessons along the way. But let's not forget to enjoy ourselves! Wheee!


Highlight#3: Some Inspirational Thought from the Kneeling Doctor

I will be the first to say that playing with all men was not that fun, obviously many of our girls have very much contributed to where the team is right now, enough with the boys showcasing there skills, its the girl turn this time...

So Congratulations!!!! Your the ONLY team in PUA (our our team -- me included) that has kept its team as a core, win or lose, we are the same team, no cross over player, no imports, Just plain Warriors (which is becoming a Stable of Good Players). And with no ambition of playing for other or another team (as far as I know, and our intentions are, keeping my finger cross for the future hehehe, or not just yet). --Warriors sa Hat pala labo-labo so dun lang tayo magkakalaban laban -- May SP Hat pala --- wanna play --- ask Mikee and Tish (diba guys kyo ang may SP connection hehehe)

Backtract....( insert sound effects....)

When I saw the Ultimate Warrior last Malakas and Maganda at the start of the year, Malayo na ang narating natin, we celebrated the same way, each and every goal like it was the championship point up until now...
Thanks you din pala for Dondi for inviting me to play for M&M. I will say, I saw the girl yesterday like seeing the team at the start of the year, pardon the word pero RAW talaga, kasama nako dun, Raw na makunat pa hehehe.
Until this time we as one team are still in the process of learning.

Watching the games yesterday was very exciting, you made complete 3 to 4 passes, may it be upwind or with the wind, each time very near the endzone for a point, all are supporting each other. With the effects of the elements (i.e. the melting heat of the sun, wind, grass, etc) you guys were great.

Sana lagi kayong magprapractice ng completo ang line na puro girls, para ika-nga eh magka amoyan kyo.

Report for Game 1
-All of you had fun, which was the First thing I can say that you guy showed, Kudos to you!
-You have played the entire game!!!!!!! Kahit mainit tiniis nyo, kahit negrereklamo kayo kinkaya nyo.
-Your intensity in defense was very good, madami kayong good D, meaning, you can read the pass and know how to anticipate it, keep it up! Solid talaga ang defense natin! Parang Nursery KAMAY, PAA, TUHOD, BALIKAT, ULO yang ang Defensive Mode nyo!
-Di ko naman kayo masisisi (ay naku lalo na ako) kung medyo excited talaga pumasa, lalo na pag libre ang team mates, hangang ngayong di parin ako natututo mag relax hehehe, So RELAX lang tayo lahat hehehe.
>>>Most importanly di tayo nagsisishan, yan ang pinaka maganda trait natin, panalo tayo as a team, talo tayo as a team, pag panalo ang dami nating masasayang kwento, pag talo, kinakalimutan natin nangyari yun... isang magandang halimbawa ng tunay na samahan.
Kaya kung maka error kayo, wag natin isipin na sisihin tayo, ginawa natin yun para sa Team at hindi para sa ating sarili. Kaya pagkatapos ng laro isa lang ang cheer....

Report On Game 2
-Kung ako ang Diyos at ako ang masusunod, gagawin ko na eto ang first game ng mga girls, kasi naka-score kayo Dito as 1 solid girl team!!! Swabe, napatakbo kami at high fives sa lahat dahil naka score kayo!!!
Kala ng TODA nanalo tayo hehehe (wala naman kami import! nye nye nye!!!)
-mas madami kayo good passes at excellent Defense!!! Keep It Up!!!
-at kung nauna itong game na ito, at di pa gano pagod, bla maka score pa rin kayo more, although madami improvements from game 1, so either way, natuto parin.
-may mga na-observe din kami na players na maganda ang forehand and backhand, pwede pumasa ng long... hmmm, attend kayo ng practice para ma-identify natin yung mga roles ng players at ma-maximize ang use of resources.
-Yung nga lang mainit talaga ang araw, mas maiitim ang kalaban nyo, 2 lang yan, babad sila sa araw the entire week, kayo babad sa lamig ng Aircon ng SGV the whole day.
-Kahit mainit konting lamig ng ulo, madami plays na incidentals ika nga di sinasadya, so just play on, kung di alam ng defender nyo na nasaktan kayo, say it to them (style din yan to intimidate) na sinaktan, nasaktan kayo, para mag-sorry, di naman yan talaga mag-sosorry kung alam nya di nya sinasadya, Okie, Peace tayo!!!

Sana maka attend kayo ng practice para maka laro kayo as girls all team pag pick-up.
Sana pareho parin tayo ng objectives, to have fun, and try winning as one.
Open lahat to learn, to be taught, tulong tulong tayo. (wala pilitan sa ayaw =) Wag mahiya lahat naman tayo halos magkaka kilala na, at libre ang magtanong, sasagotin ni Dondi yan lahat (ehehehe)

Monday, September 8, 2008

2008 Warriors Tournament and Farty (WTF!?)

When: 6 September 2008, 9AM - 4PM
Where: Camp Aguinaldo
After Tourney Fool Farty: Rooftop, Cityland Wack Wack Royal Mansion
After Farty to the After Farty: Mr. Kebab, West Ave.

Master Shifu and the Dragon Warriors
Green-ada A-discs
My Ultimate Loving Team, Oh! (MULTO)

Tourney Results:
1st place - Green-ada A-discs
2nd place - MULTO
3rd place - Dragon Warriors
4th place - G-Spot
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