Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer League Party

Yup, it was indeed a different story. After the tiring game, the disc-crazed people celebrated victory, defeat and friendship at Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street. The party's theme was "under the sea", but apparently people went there as they were and partied like there was no tomorrow. Each team brought their own concoction and shared it to everyone and anyone.

As always, the Warriors knew how to rock any and every party. The people had a great time dancing, drinking and sharing drinks to other people.

Ultimate Warriors Summer League 2008 Party

  • Clyde incessantly raved (or ranted) "OMIGOSH I'M SO DRUNK!"
  • Reckless and Yelle did some "Laguna Beach" showdown
  • While the girls did the showdown, "someone" at the back got entertained.
  • Jaguar Paw strutted out so much on the dancefloo
  • Why did Doc leave early?
  • Tish the Dish showed her CADs-ish movement
  • Jomen journeyed around the entire floor, one minute she's beside us, next minute, she's on the other side with some of the teams.
  • Gladzalwayshappy and the gangbang... 'nuff said
  • The Lord wasn't there... Tsk tsk.. And he kept asking about the party, like what time are we going there... akala ba naman namin punta siya but no... double tsk tsk... Hehehehe peace!
  • MC2 girls endlessly danced the night away
  • Wang Min (tama ba?) shared his concoction & his chocolates from the US of A.
  • Hmmm I guess we have to place more pictures to explain the whole scene...

Doc san ka nakatingin?

Sayawan na!!

Dondi: No more drinks??; Mike: Here's my conconction; Mundz: Cool runnings

Tignan mo may baon yung ibang teams?

The rest of the party peeps

We truly missed those who weren't in the party: Leahloo who was in JongKongz with girlfriends; Mina.. san ka 'nun? Di pa magaling yung Chinese tumbling wound mo by Doc? Hehehe peace!; Gary sayang wala ka!; Onga pala, paging to our OFW FWENDSSS... we've been missing you since you guys left. Balik na kayo!!

Until the next league Warriors.

Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... Ultimate Warriors.... ULTIMATE!!! WARRIORS!!


Tisha said...

CADs-ish moves? Wala pa 'yon, nagpipigil pa ako.;)

Mina said...

nagka migraine kasi ako kaya umuwi na lang ako... sad.

gladzalwayshappy said...

tish - ah ganun... hehehehe!
mina - sayang sana andun ka!

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