Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monsoon Madness 2008: Day 1

(By newly elected Captain Dondi)

Sunday. July 20, 2008.

Day 1. Monsoon League.
Alabang Country Club

Two months after the Summer League, the Ultimate Warriors braved the fields of Alabang for the start of Summer League Part 2. (Sobrang init, parang hindi Monsoon!) Fresh from their pre-Monsoon meeting and excited to compete once again, everyone laced up their cleats (except Jacq, Ms. Sleepyhead) well ahead of the first scheduled game. The team jogged together, stretched together, practiced throws together and ultimately baked under the merciless heat of the sun together. Oh Monsoon, where art thou?


Jacq - 2.5 games only. =)

Boys, Sara and Jaguar Po approachingMaayos pa pose ni White Dragon/Ako-Ang-Batas/Shaolin God CFA Master
Weck wacky na shuhhhh.... tinakpan pa si lleeyyuhhhhhhhhhh....


Wala na tayong fans!

9 males and 6 females. Just two lines and an extra male. Plus lack of sleep due to the pre-Monsoon meeting. Plus Smirnoff Ice still slowly swimming inside our system. And of course, how can we forget the Monsoon Sun? Proudly and perpetually above our heads, slowly draining every ounce of energy from our already lethargic bodies. Good Luck Warriors.


Game 1

Ultimate Warrios – 11
Shawarma Club – 13

It’s a bit disappointing that the Warriors lost to Shawarma Club (Xavier players) especially since the team has beaten this club each time they faced each other in the past. The Warriors were also holding the lead for most of the game. It was a cycle of getting a two point lead and relinquishing the lead just as fast. There was a bit of confusion also with the rotation (My bad guys) as sometimes there was just one handler on the field. The Warriors gave themselves an opportunity to win the game but a wild chain of events from the disc going through the hands of three players (two Warriors, one Shawarma) and ending in a layout goal for the Shawarma girl robbed us of the victory. But all in all, it was a good game for the Warriors considering the heat and lack of players and the heat and the adjusting with the new rotation scheme and of course, the heat.

Game 2

Ultimate Warriors – 13
Kayumanggi – 4

After a two-hour break, the Warriors faced their second opponent. Kayumanggi was a relatively beginner team and the Warriors took advantage. The team unleashed its secret weapon, Doctor extraordinaire, Jerome Castro. Dormant in the first game, the Doc exploded to score four or five goals in the contest, more than compensating for the absence of lead Hound Czarmel. Yeba! The newest member of the Houndz, Felix, also showcased his speed showing no signs that this was his first League game and only 3rd time overall to play Ultimate. But the unquestionable highlight of all highlights of course, is Roy ’s rolling attack. Now famously known in the Warriors circle as “gulungan sa damuhan”, Tisha and Roy scored in the endzone but no goal was counted. (Peace Tisha and Roy!) The event cannot be put into words and you just have to personally be there to understand. Sorry na lang sa mga absent. =)

Game 3

Ultimate Warriors – 12
TODA – 2

By the start of the 3rd game, the Warriors were already beaten down by the sun. The Warriors faced a team with a familiar face (Hi JM!). Both teams were actually laboring, showing signs of fatigue throughout the game. But the Warriors had enough in its tank to pull through and secure their second victory of the day.

After the games, most of the team went on to ATC to eat and rehydrate after three games in one day under extreme heat and competition. It was super tiring but super fun. And the Warriors can’t wait to do it all over again this Sunday.

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