Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Warriors in 2008

*Taken from El Capitan's season review; with a few additional stuff

The Warriors had a very good year. We started out as part of Pool C and ended with both our male and female squads in Pool A (M&M2). Woohoo.

Team highlights:
  • We welcomed new teammates - MC2 peeps (friends na tayo! hehe), Felix, etc.
  • We joined a lot of PUA leagues and team-sponsored events (Malakas League, Summer League, Monsoon League, Malakas at Maganda 2, SP Hat, Monsters Hat, Battle Royale)
  • First international tourney - SPIRITS!
  • We finally left Urda to move on to a safer field (libre pa!)
  • WTF?!?! a continuation of last year's Urda Open (which hopefully goes on to be a Warriors tradition)
  • Hindi na tayo cliquish! Marami na tayo friends from other teams!
  • We beat a bunch of good teams this year (which previously we just had a quota against these teams)
  • We had a lot of Warriors activities! Summer outing at Punta Fuego with overnight inuman at Calamba, pre-Monsoon League matured drinking party, WTF party, star-studded Christmas party (hehe), movie nights, etc.
  • Balikbayans return - Ryan, Cheng and Vima
  • Jersey frenzy - new uniforms!
Individual Milestones:
  • Dondi weds Sarah
  • Partner na si AMP (plus the other promotees)
  • Engagement Galore! Cheng & Mike, Ina & Rikko, Tisha and Hamil
  • Lovebirds are finally official! Alam nyo na kung sino yun! Yiheeeee!
  • Keos becomes a new daddy!
Meron din mga nawalang teammates because of work abroad, SGV work, family reasons, etc. But you will always be part of the Warriors family. Kumbaga naka leave lang kayo, pero anytime puede kayo bumalik at sumali sa pick up, sa league at sa parties!

Woohoo! Good job, Warriors!

ULTIMATE!? Frisbeeee....

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