Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apollo 10.10.10

10.10.10. Forty-five minutes. Seven on the line. No subs.


In Crisjunders' words, "Ang Sunken Garden naging Savage Garden!"

With a ten-player cap for every team, the Warriors fielded three teams: two in the open division (Warriors A aka Marines, and Warriors B aka Barracks) and one in the Newbies division.

(Fel, JB, Nana, Aries, Ian, Ward, Lei, Che, Tish, Ivy)

Day 1: Marines were randomly grouped together with Shark (aka the Heyman-Marin-Jamel No-Mercy Team), Spuck U (di ba 4-3 dapat? Baket puro lalake ang nasa team nila?!), and Diskulits. Ended the day with a 1-2 record.

Quotable quote
Marines: "YAAAAAAY!" (with matching raised arms and head tilt)

Day 2: As Marines were in the bottom half of their group, they ended up in Pool B. First game was vs. the Kayu oldies. The team started off with just...FOUR PLAYERS VS. SEVEN!!! Fel, JB, Nana, and Tish. Ten-ten-tenen talaga. And...MARINES SCORED THE FIRST POINT!!!:D As the game progressed, the other players trickled in, so by around half time or so, the team had a solid lineup of seven. Ivy made up for being late by making a one-handed grab at the endzone--with two guys on her! Marines won, earning them a spot in the semifinals! Woohoo!

Quotable quotes
Fel: "Nakapag 1 vs. 100 na rin tayo!"
Tish: "Kahit ano pang mangyari sa araw na 'to, OK lang. Basta nanalo tayo na apat lang tayo sa umpisa!"

Marines won the semifinals and headed for the Pool B finals! Fully expecting to play against Spy's team--which didn't make it into Pool A after being put in the Group of Death on Day 1--we were dumbfounded to find out that they lost in the semis, and that we were actually playing against Xavier!

In the finals game vs. Xavier, the two teams were exchanging points, until Xavier went on their 5-0 run. Marines were stuck at 4 for what seemed like ages. "Fast" doesn't begin to describe their boys (or at least a couple of them). Their plays revolved around just three guys. Marines didn't get to capitalize on their girls who had, in fact, scored all the team's points. Nevertheless, Marines reached the finals, and that's something to be proud of!

(Mundz, Dino, JM, Brian, Pat, Junders, Mina, Cel, Edith, Eire)

Day 1: Team Barracks ended the day with a 2-1 record, earning them a spot in Pool A! Woohoo! While they weren't too happy about going up to Pool A (boh-ring! Haha), dapat lang may Warriors sa Pool A no! Represent!

Quotable quote
JM: "Jogging tayo!"

Day 2: And the first team that Team Barracks was playing against on 10.10.10 was...Sprockets! Ten-ten-tenen! Barracks had five almost-points. They lost to Sprockets, and went on to play vs. Hairy Monsters, made up of mostly Circus players and Jacq. They lost 5-10. Their last game was against the younger Kayu, which they won! A seventh place finish in Pool A!

(Lem, Cams, Kenneth, Migs, Emeng, Egay...with the allowed two PUA members Czar and Connie. I'm missing a couple of girls...)

Day 1: MASSACRE! With their patented Connie-Czar 1-2 play, with a huck to Rugby Boy Limonwells or new recruit Cams at the endzone, the newbies ended the day with a 3-0 record!!! The others were also very active on the field, making smart cuts, and really diving/jumping/sprinting for the disc.
Day 2: Newbies cruised through the first game and the semis to make it to the finals! Huwaw! Unfortunately, they were down one guy (injured, may kasal, may housewarming...), so they had to play with four girls and three guys vs. the other team's usual four guys and three girls. In the end, our newbies bowed down to Lugaw (?). BUT they overperformed and had such an impressive run!

Czar aka Mr. Full-Body Cramps: "Ah! Ah! Ah! Lahat naninigas! Kahit pwet!"


Everyone did splendidly, and some were even officially recognized for their efforts:

JM, Edith - part of Pool A Mythical 7!!! Huwaw! (JM: "It must be the hair!")
Fel - Pool B MVP!
Lem - Newbies Pool MVP!
Cams - Newbies Mythical!



Lei said...

Yayyyy!!! [raised arms, head tilt]

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czar09 said...

Si Ally and Trina yung dalawang girls pa na kasama namin sa Newbie team! hehehe...

Eden said...

hi lei, just wanted to say thanks much for following CITT... awww, nakakamiss ang UP! i went to UPCebu but this post made me reminisce on my own adventures as a student:)


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