Sunday, April 20, 2008

Summer League (Day 1)

(consolidated info from different peeps)

Roll call:

We had fans din yelling "Go honeeeeey!!! " in honor of Dondi and Sarah Cruz. (Woohoo! Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!!!)

Game 1: Ultimate Warriors vs. Kayumanggi
- Game time was at 9:00 am and half the team got there at...7:30 am! Yeeees! Coach Nana, are you proud of us? Minsan lang manyari 'yon! Haha.

- Kayumanggi is a new team--parang UW nung Monsoon. We were up by around 7 when they scored their first point (am I inventing?), and they super celebrated. Sounds family! Hehe.

- Mina had back-to-back points! Yeba! First assist was from Mundz and second assists was care of Gary Gnu Caracas. See pic below on their affirmation to Minabolz.

- We fielded an all-MC2 lineup, which made a quick point! Woohoo! The MC2 hounds were a real asset, giving much-needed BURSTS OF SPEED! and jumping ability to the Warriors.

- Mike had a good assist with someone, which led to have another score... who's that someone?? Nakalimutan na po eh... Hehhehe!

- AMP was at the top of his game! He was tearin' up the field both on offense--having some great passes (may point pa ata)--and defense--with super tight D and even a block, if I remember right. Nagpapa-impress ata sa chicks niya eh. Daddy! Daddy!

- Tisha scored 2-points. She started to wonder baket wala daw nagbuhat sa kanya... Hehehe!

- Gladys, in her Madame Bola finery, was an able handler. She even had her trademark "Dito! Dito! Aay! Huwag! Huwag! Huwag!" play. Hehe.

Final score:
Ultimate Warriors, 13
Kayumanggi, 2

Game 2: Ultimate Warriors vs. TODA 2
- In this game, we had to contend with all the teams' worst enemy that day: the wind! Hindi umuubra ang UW play na fast break and huck pag against the wind.:s (In fairness, kahit Sexual Chocolate nahirapang magbaba ng disc against the wind.)

- We had to play against JM, who decided she preferred to play with TODA. Huhuhuhu. Why, JM, why? How could you leave us? Joke lang.:) Nakakainis, takbo ka nang takbo! Hija, wag mo naman akong pagurin.

- Greg disproved his claim that he's the "pinakatamad sa team"--he had two consecutive dives: an awesome backroll and a stuntman's roll, to catch the disc! Greg, ikaw ba 'yan? Maigi ata sa 'yo 'yung walang tulog pag naglaro.

- The girls were killin' it--Cel had awesome D, Lei had a few good cuts to receive the disc, Jane had a terrific block, and Ena got an injured finger for her efforts. Ena, OK ka na? Awwww.

- Ian scored a point, and the crowd burst into song. Sing it with me now, "Enteng Kabisote..."

- Papa Derek was on our side! Hahaha. There was a contested point because no one knew if our player was out or in when he caught it--we were all too far to see. Derek walked by and said, "It was in. But it's up to him to decide," he said, referring to the TODA player. Said TODA player then ruled our dude was stepping on the line. So no count.

- The longest point for this game was our 8th point--the wind was so strong that the disc's path was utterly unpredictable. The Warriors tried to complete a play so many times, but each time, the wind foiled the team's attempt! It sucks that I can't remember who finally scored. Haha. Sino nga ba? Please come forward! In the middle of it, Gladys exclaimed, "Ang haba ng point na 'to ha!!!" Glads, sinulit ka lang namin, baka di ka na magpakita ulit eh.:)

- Tisha scored the 9th point. She dived!! Give her a woot-woot!!

- Last point was courtesy of Doc! Woohoo!

Final score:
Ultimate Warriors, 10

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