Monday, April 28, 2008

Warriors Go on Longest Winning Streak

Summer League 2008: Day 2
Alabang Country Club

Reymund, Lawrence, Czar, Ian, Garry, Greg, Mike, Dino, Roy, Jomen, Cel, Alvin, Shane, Gladys, Jane, Ubai, Lei, Doc, Nana, Ivy, Tisha

Game 1: Ultimate Warriors vs. Molokai

Molokai, an experienced team, proved to be our toughest competitor to date. The game was pretty close all throughout, and rather heated at some points.

- The first few stats of the day were all courtesy of our super MC2 players: First point was made by Hound No. 1 Czar, courtesy of MVP contender Lawrence (need proof? By the end of it, he had like 5 points, 3 assists, and 1 block!).
- Molokai then scored their first point. Possession kept changing due to the strong winds; it was during this rally that Ian/Enteng Kabisote/Bosing/ Hound No. 2 made a beautiful block at the endzone on a Molokai huck. The Warriors went on to score point no. 2 on an assist by Roy (see, all MC2 so far!) and a goal by Ivy! Woohoo!
- On the succeeding rally, Ian had another block...Dino then made a pass to Ubai at the endzone, making it 3-1.
- Molokai made it 3-2, but we soon scored on an assist by Jaguar Paw/MVP contender Reymund (1 point, 6 or 7 assists, 3 blocks) and goal by Doc ("You're beautiful... "), 4-2.
- Molokai then cut the lead down to one once again, before Nana scored a point on an assist by Lawrence, 5-3.
- After 10 million years (it was a really long point, and Gladys was again on the field. Haha), Garry made it 6-3 on an assist from Reymund.
- Molokai then rallied to make it 6-6! Eep! But we were soon ahead by one again after Lawrence added a point to his stats on an upwind pass from Reymund.
- After a block by Lawrence, Tisha ("Pat-pat" according to Doc's notes. Sa'n ba nag-umpisa 'to?!) scored on an assist from Lawrence (nanaman! Exag), making it 8-6. Grabe na ito--from a point, to a block, to an assist! Ang pogi!
- Czar made a monster block at the Molokai endzone, and soon we were leading by three as Reymund assisted--guess who?--Lawrence!
- The last (or second to the last) point was a "long-ass point," according to my notes...Reymund made a block at the endzone, but we weren't able to convert. Molokai went on to score two more points.
Final score:
Ultimate Warriors - 9

Molokai - 8


Gladys regaled us with a mala-Lola Basyang story (R-rated nga lang) about Patpong; Doc acted it out. Hahaha. "Ella, ella, ella..."

Game 2: Ultimate Warriors vs. Madness

It's Madness, I tell ya! These kids still had young, untainted lungs, so may kabilisan sila, ang walang exhaustion factor. Conditioning tayo! Hehe.

- Reymund scored the first point on an assist from Czar.
- Jane made a solid block at the Madness endzone! Go girls!!!
- The superstars then got to work as Lawrence scored on an assist from Reymund. (Ry, inggit ka na ba? Hehe.) Warriors up, 2-0.
- Ivy worked her defense! The chain of events led to Nana scoring a Callahan (tama ba ang usage ko? Hehe)! Yeba!!!
- Mundz proved that he had defensive power as well by blocking the disc with a kick! Sadly, we weren't able to convert, and we soon turned over the disc. Sayang! Nice D, though!
- The kids were soon able to catch up, 3-3. Beads of sweat started to form...partly from the heat, and a teensy bit coz of worry.
- ...But we needn't have worried as Lawrence scored on an assist from Czar, making it 4-3.
- On our next possession, Enteng Kabisote threw a bender, caught by Lawrence! (Lawrence, nagsasawa na ako kaka-type ng pangalan mo ha. Hehe.)
- Doc made a block, and the Warriors soon scored on a huck by Reymund to Roy. (Reymund, isa ka pa. Masyadong nagpapaka-MVP! Hehe.)
- I think this was the point I missed: Garry scored another one for the Warriors.
- Si Reymund, inagawan kami ng disc ni Ubai. Hehe. Pero oks lang, he proceeded to toss it to the endzone where Tisha was waiting. Score: 8-4.
- Garry scored, making it 9-4, on an assist from Mike.
- Madness scored before their star player went down--buti na lang cramps lang. Masyado kasing masipag!
- The Warriors had a series of blocks by Ubai, Dino, and Reymund. Good D, guys! Doc caught the disc at the endzone, but he was supposedly on the line, so he passed it to Dino to peg the final score.
Final score:
Ultimate Warriors - 10

Madness - 5

As of day 2, Warriors' standing is 4-0! Woohoo! Go Warriors!

(Click on title to view photo album. I was tamad na to create an account so I am posing as "ultimate warriors." Hehe. - tish the dish)

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