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Day 5: We're streaking... Losing Streak Nga Lang...

... But's it's okay... wika nga ni Mundz, "Cool Runnings..." Hehehehe!!


Saturday. May 18, 2008.

Day 5. Summer League.

Alabang Country Club

The Ultimate Warriors arrived in ACC early Saturday morning ready to take on and crush two more teams on its way to glory. They boasted of an unblemished record and were determined to add two more Ws to their perfect 8-0 card. They were undefeated. They were streaking. And nobody dared to stand in their way. They were confident. They were invincible. Until...

...Bobby and Ross showed up to watch the games.

The Ultimate Warriors fate was now sealed. With the arrival of the two “lucky charms”, their chances of keeping their perfect record were reduced from slim to none.

Players: (Apologies in advance kung may nalimutan ako)

Jomen – DNP; injured (fat ankle)

Fans: (Yeba!)
Bobby (may balat sa pwet)
Ross (may balat sa pwet)


Game 9: “1 vs 100”
Ultimate Warriors – 7
Breakfast Club – 8

The early game proved to be a challenging task as the Ultimate Warriors failed to arrive early enough to have ample time for proper warm ups, throws and drills. The good news was that BC also found this task daunting as they were only able to suit up 4 players at the start of the game. But the Warriors showed the lack of preparation as they struggled to score the first point even though they had three more players on the field. BC just needed one good handler and proper spacing and cutting as they tied the game at 1 point apiece. (They just had 4 players! Naman! Argh.) The howling winds did not help the Warriors as each soft pass was blown out of control, high up in the air, often resulting in a turnover. They showed flashes of brilliance in their short game as they were able to run the length of the field from the pull to the endzone without dropping the disc. At times, they were able to take advantage of the undermanned BC team. But not even double or triple teams were able to stop their opponent. And soon, one by one, the rest of the BC team arrived reducing the Warriors advantage of three players to two and then to one. But the Warriors remained competitive, making sure the players on the field were fresh to outrun the tired BC team. They took a 7-5 halftime lead. They started the second half on offense, hopeful and confident. With little time left, they needed just one more point to grab a 3 point lead and have a little bit of breathing room. One more point to drain the remaining hope of the exhausted BC squad. One more point and they were closer to achieving their 9th straight victory. But the Ultimate Warriors would not score a point the rest of the way. The wind was too strong and there were too many bad decisions, dropped discs, forced passes and silly mistakes which resulted in too many costly turnovers. BC scored the next three points en route to a universal point victory. They were the better team today, even though it was, as JR said “1 vs 100”. The Warriors succumbed to their first defeat of the Summer League. For some (I think MC2 girls?), this was their first defeat ever. For the others, they were reminded of the sting of losing from previous leagues which seemed ages ago. But this loss was different. Everyone was a little bit more sad and disappointed. Maybe even depressed. Maybe because after winning all those games the Warriors did not know how to deal with a loss. Or that there was just too much pressure on winning. For the first time, the Warriors failed to have fun on the field. And because of that, the Warriors lost more than just a game, they lost their identity. (Hayop! Haha.) But at least the Warriors can always look back and say “Malas talaga si Bobby at Ross... may mga balat sa puwet!!"

Game 10: “Balik sa Quota”
Ultimate Warriors – 5
K3 – 12

After losing the first game, the Warriors realized that there was too much focus on winning every game. They were never that kind of team. Don't get me wrong, the Warriors want to win. They are hungry to win. But having fun is second to none. And with that mantra in mind, the Warriors took on the field for their second game in high spirits. The memory of the BC loss was brushed off and seemed to be a distant memory. It was the first time the Warriors played K3 in a game. They were unfamiliar faces, except for some who were in different teams the Warriors faced previously in past leagues. Thus, the Warriors did not know the game of K3. They did not know who to match up with. They did not know what to expect. They were able to be competitive with K3 at the start of the game, making good defensive plays and forcing K3 turnovers. K3 showed that they were the more experienced team and by halftime, they were comfortably ahead of the Warriors and running away with the game. But aside from the score, there were no other signs of an impending Warriors defeat. The Warriors on the sideline were on their feet, cheering and screaming as if it was a closely-fought championship game. The Warriors were back. Back to having fun. Back to enjoying the game. Back to the “Quota” cheer (isa na lang, quota na!). But this does not mean that the Warriors stopped fighting on the field. This was evident in the last (and longest!) point of the game. Both teams have been battling for the final point for more than five minutes but neither wanted to give way even though it will not affect the result of the game. Even with another loss assured, the Warriors fought mightily for the final point. Despite the heavy breathing and the extremely tired bodies, the Warriors were able to find the last of their energy for one final D and one final march to reach the endzone. After what seemed like forever, the Warriors achieved their goal and scored the final point of the match. Final score: 12-5. “Quota tayo”.

Pool B Record: 2-2
Overall record after 10 games: 8-2

After the hard fought matches, the Warriors watched the SP01 vs Sexual Chocolate match. You wouldn't see in their faces that they just lost two games earlier in the day.

But the most fun moment on that they was the warriors played a 10-on-10, barefooted, no-rules pick-up game after. And some semi-crazy (with a tinge of "point-of-clarity") lay-out drills too. Due to what happened to Mina because of Doc's Chinese Get-Up, it was inevitable for most Warriors to exclaim the triggerhappy doctor "pa-burger ka naman jan." Doc handed Php1500 for that "pa-cheeseburger treat" and the Warriors packed their bags and left to get their burger. But instead, the troop went to Congo Grille, where the “fun” would continue.

Here are some of the thoughts and good whatevs from the peeps (to be added soon, must retrieve some stuff from the email thread):

Dondi: "I think it would be safe to say that the Warriors had as much fun today (if not more fun) as the other League days despite losing both matches. I think as a team, we are still continuing to grow. There's a lot of things we have to learn, a lot of aspects in our game that we have to improve. Inch by inch we'll get there. Sabi nga ni Alvin Patrimonio at ng Purefoods, 'Slowly but surely'. Rome wasn't build in a day. Ayus! We are still behind in skills, but we are learning. We may not be faster, stronger and generally better than the other teams, but we keep on fighting. We may continue to lose some games, but we should never, ever forget to have fun. I'm proud of you losers! =)"

Mike: "Tama ka Dondz. Kahit talo tayo noong Day 5, yun yung pinakamasayang Summer League day kasi… (quoting Gladiola) 'We celebrated Friendship!' Hahaha. Go Warriors!"

Ivy: "bsta ako, win or lose!its the team i choose!!!ahehehehe..parang cheer un ng ateneo a..hahah..bsta enjoy, kht talo oks lang!!!"

Glad (chatbox mode): "basta masaya nga tayo! lalo na yung 10-on-10 at yung ating congo grille fest. hahahaha! go warriors!! give me a woot-woot!! hhahaha!!"

Glad (serious mode... nosebleed thoughts): Of course we want to win and we've been having the burning desire to excel in this game but we have to keep in mind that winning is just the tip of the iceberg. As we go underwater or deeper, it's the established friendship and memories that have been significant when we started playing ultimate. *then kikay mode* SO OMIGOSH LET'S CELEBRATE FRIENDSHIP!!

Bobby (sa car on the way home to Makati): We have come a long way and I think we should be proud of what we've gone through. We started to have fun in ultimate and that must be continued. The fun must not stop.

Lei: "aha i dont remember much from sat. hahaha. joke. yey!!! go warriors!!!! i love this team!!!"

Tish: "beach tayoooo!!!"

Play the game. Continue to learn. Always have fun.

We're still streaking guys! Losing streak nga lang. =) Hold your heads up high.

*Despite what happened, what are your thoughts about this??

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