Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer League Day 4: Oh Like We're So Effin Streaking!!!

Photo Courtesy of Doc

Sunday, May 12, 2008

Day 4. Summer League. Round 2. Pool B.

Alabang Country Club

Bonnie and Clyde arrived in Alabang Country Club at around 1:30 PM and thought they were early for their 2:20 PM game. But to their surprise, most of the Ultimate Warriors were already there (including Reymund, with a hangover!), bags on the grass, red jerseys on their backs and ready to boot up their cleats. While the Warriors were warming up with their throws, at least three people asked Clyde “Wala ba tayong drills? Kahit Go To lang?” Wow. He was in shock. This is coming from a team who usually arrives with less than 10minutes before the game with no more time to warm up. From a team who frowns upon drills during practices and pick-ups (“Game na tayo! Sayang ilaw!”). But this Sunday was different from Sundays past. This was no ordinary day. On this day, the Warriors were early. On this day, the Warriors warmed up their throws, jogged and stretched as a group. On this day, the Warriors had time for drills before the game. On this day, the Warriors were in Pool B.

Pool B Players: (oh how you just lurrvvvee the sound of PPOOL B!!)

Pool B Results:
Game 7
Ultimate Warriors – 9
Huck U – 8
The Warriors caught a big break since Huck U only had 9 players with 2 girls. The decision between the teams was that the offense (during the pull) will call the ratio of players on the field. If Huck U was on offense, the ratio will be 5 boys and 2 girls. If the Warriors were on offense, the ratio will be 4 boys and 3 girls with Huck U fielding only six players (4 boys and 2 girls). Another advantage was that Huck U just came from a grueling match with Circus that extended more than 10 minutes beyond regulation time and ended with a loss via a universal point. They had only 10 minutes of rest and their exhaustion showed during the first few minutes of the game as the Warriors jumped to an early 2-point, Pool B lead. However, these “ninja kids” found their second wind and caught up with the Warriors who were struggling to bring down the disc. The Warriors couldn't capitalize even with an extra girl on the field. And even when the Huck U players were outnumbered, they were able to force turnovers and leave the helpless defense of the Warriors to score quick points. The Warriors lost their lead and were down 2 points with Huck U threatening to pull away. Enter the Houndz. With Czarmel, Ian and Lawrence on the field at the same time, the Warriors were able to match up with the speed of the “ninja kids” (Houndz vs Ninja Kidz! Puede!). The Pool B Houndz used their quickness to make one defensive play after another. And each defensive play was converted to quick goals as the Warriors filled the score sheet with three straight points and took the lead for good. After the three quick points, it was back and forth between the two teams as both made turnovers and had a hard time finishing offensive plays, clearly showing the effects of exhaustion as they continued to battle under the heat of the blazing sun. There was a heated Pool B moment when Clyde made an assist to Gladys (which would've been her first point during a league game) but a travel was called by Huck U. He contested the call and a heated argument ensued ending with a big “Whatever!” from the Huck U handler. Wow, real mature. Clyde was so pissed but he decided to take the high road and just brushed it off. He tapped the disc in, waited for the Huck U handler to set up his defense (para wala na masabi), made a short pass to Ian who made another quick pass to Gladys for her first goal. Boom. Score. (Whatever! Haha). And finally, with the Warriors up 9-7, everyone was relieved to hear the sweetest two words ever from Michelle: “Last point”. Huck U scored the final game of the match and the Ultimate Warriors were able to escape with a one point Pool B victory.
Photo Courtesy of Doc

Game 8 Ultimate Warriors – 13 Xavier B – 4 The Warriors were still very much exhausted from their Pool B “thriller” of a game vs Huck U. They were given only a few minutes of rest before the next game vs Xavier B. It was a good thing that the Warriors beat this team already during the first round and they were a bit confident that they will be able to repeat over Xavier B. From the start, the Warriors showed that they were the dominant team. It was never even close (Yabang na naman! Haha). The Warriors Pool B defense was merciless (big Ds by Clyde , Enteng, Jane and Mike among others). And we were able to score a bunch of points off of the Xavier B turnovers. There was a scary moment when Kickass Caracas was elbowed in the head by a Xavier player and spent a few moments lying on the grass. But he was able to shake it off (“Buti na lang malayo sa utak!”) and he went back into the field again after a few minutes on the sideline. Although Xavier were able to steal a couple of long hucks to the endzone vs the Warriors formidable defense ( Lawrence kamot ulo and Dondi asar talo kay Greg), it was a relatively easy Pool B game for the Warriors as they cruised to another Pool B win. It was a good time for everyone to gain playing experience as everyone received ample playing time and given opportunities to showcase their skills. Mike took some of the load of the handling responsibilities for some time and scored his first goal in the process. Everyone wanted in on the fun with Doc and Garry refusing to give way as they each scored half a point on a closely contested goal (contested by each other. “Akin yan!”). Even the girls were active in the offense as Tisha and Leah both made Pool B assists. Enteng and Lawrence were even practicing their fakes and their semi-lunging/ semi-leaping overhand-backhand Pool B throw (di ko alam tawag dun, basta yung mga pilantik pa sa dulo ng release. haha.). Nana also had a “Derek moment” as he went into the game barefoot, and even scored a goal. The Warriors were very much in control of the game and were having so much fun that Mundz decided to “fake a stack”. Clyde made the first mistake – he believed Reymund. He picked up the disc near the sideline and passed it to the middle to Mundz for the “stack” play. Mundz called out “First Cutter!” and Tisha made the second mistake - she actually made a cut to the open side. Jaguar Paw promptly ignored her cut (and the stack which HE called in the first place) and made his usual play: a forehand huck to the White Dragon in the endzone. (Mundz: “Temptation si Greg eh!” Sabagay, first time na mabilis tumakbo si Greg so pagbigyan na natin para hindi masayang yung pagod nya. Hehe.) At least Greg made the catch for a quick goal and little bit of Pool B bragging after.
Photo Courtesy of Doc
Pool B record: 2-0 Overall record after 8 games:

A perfect 8-0!

We still have an unblemished record!

Keep on streaking!

Inuman na!


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