Monday, June 29, 2009

M&M 2009 Day 1

Ultimate Warriors - Men's Team
Record after three games: 2-1

The Warriors dominated the first game against Super Bueno and the third game against Kainumanggi, but lost the second game to Circus Weng Weng by universal point.

Weng Weng Warriors Club a.k.a. Baby Girls
Record after three games: 2-1

In the first game, the Baby Girls were slaughtered on the field by the Devil Dogs. Aside from the fact that the Devil Dogs are one of the top seeded teams, it was also the Baby Girls' first game as a team and everyone was still trying to assess each other's game. By game 2, the Baby Girls were more organized and confident, and won against MAD/USC by 6 points. SP forfeited due to lack of players so Day 1 ended early for the girls.

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