Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer League 2009: The Final Score

Saturday, 6th of June. Summer League 2009 ended with a bang, or rather with a splash, as teams battled it out in the rain. The Warriors defeated BC in their first game of the day but lost to a strong K3 in the semi-finals. The battle for 3rd saw the Warriors playing against regular practice buddies Circus Weng Weng. Circus took the first half with a 4-point lead, but the Warriors managed to rally to 6-5 before the last point was called. The Warriors took the last point for a chance to win the game by universal point. The Heart Attack Play was in effect, and the Warriors ended up getting the universal point to bag 3rd place.

Later in the after party, Captain Fel a.k.a. FedEx was named MVP. That makes two MVP Warriors this year! Woohoo!

Good job, Warriors!

Next up...
Malakas-Maganda 2009... Coming end of June.

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