Monday, July 20, 2009

M&M 2009 Update (Week 4)

It's now Round 2 of the elimination games.

The UW Men's Team are currently playing in Pool A after winning against Lolos in last week's crossover match. Yesterday our guys had their first taste of Pool A ultimate goodness against the more experienced and hardcore Heyman and the Masters of the Universe, Sexual Chocolate, and T3. The Warriors lost all three games to point caps, but still they played hard and managed to take 7 points against Heyman, 5 against Sexual, and 3 against T3. Good job, Warriors in Pool A!

Yesterday was deja vu for the Weng Weng Warriors Club when they once again battled it out with Disc Menor Hijas, KAI, and Devil Dogs. The Baby Girls lost again to the Hijas and were blown out by the Devil Dogs, but maintained their dominance over KAI. Good job, Baby Girls!

Win-Loss Record in Round 2:
Ultimate Warriors 0-3
Weng Weng Warriors Club 1-2

Win-Loss Record in Round 1:
Ultimate Warriors 6-1
Weng Weng Warriors Club 3-4

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