Wednesday, July 29, 2009

M&M 2009 Update (Week 5)

First Pool A Win
Yay the Warriors Men got their first Pool A win last Sunday against Monster! The guys started on defense and Monster scored first, but the Warriors were able to catch up. The two teams exchanged points until the Warriors scored for the mirror at 6-4. Monster played catch-up the rest of the game. At some point the Warriors led by 4 points, but Monster managed to cut it down to 2, then to 1. Last point was called at 10-9 with Monster on defense. The Warriors managed to convert that possession into a point, so Warriors won, 11-9!

The Warriors played Askalz in the second game. The boys had a pretty good flow and were executing plays well. They traded points with the Askalz until they were tied at 4. That was when the Askalz upped their game and took the lead at 9-4. The Warriors managed to score two more points, but the Askalz claimed the game at 11-6. Still, good job, Warriors!

Savage Baby Girls
Nine Baby Girls played savage against Chicks with Discs and Discpatchadoras. The Girls played hard but lost the must-win game against Chicks by one point. In the second game, the Baby Girls scored two points against the Discpatchers. Over quota! Good job, Baby Girls!

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