Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thrillah in Manila

Manila Spirits / Asia Oceania Ultimate Club Championships 2009
Nov. 6-8, Alabang Country Club

Friday. Open and Women's Division. Kapitan Fel and Warrior Nana banded with some of the Circus Weng Weng guys plus some other dudes from other teams to form Team Barracks' Obama. They competed in the AOUCC Open Division and won 2 out of 4 games. Here's a shot of Kapitan Fel making an awesome grab at the endzone.

(Picture by Ogee of Circus)

Saturday. Day 1 of Manila Spirits and AOUCC mixed division. This was the first time the Warriors, old and new, all played together since heaven knows when so Day 1 was basically Let's-Find-Our-Team-Chemistry day. The team played against MAD, Cuernos Dumaguete, Mindanao United, and BC. The Warriors lost all four games but this did not stop them from partying hard that night at Spotlight in Pasong Tamo Extension. The theme was Z-Day and the place was packed with all sorts of walking dead. Here are shots of the Warriors hogging the baicapture photo booth. (click to enlarge)

(Check out more Z-Day booth photos here)

Sunday. Last day of Manila Spirits and AOUCC mixed division. This time the Warriors proved that they still have what it takes. Game 1 was against Guambats where the Warriors lost by 1. Highlight of the game: the Warriors scoring a 6-point run but was 10 seconds over the soft cap, which would have given the team an opportunity to win by universal point. Game 2 was against Xavier where the Warriors lost by universal. Game 3 was against BC where the Warriors won by 3 points. Highlight of the game: the Warriors showing amazing patience against BC's cup defense by swinging the disc consistently and slowly bringing the disc down to the endzone. Good job, Warriors.

After the quick finals game between Siouk and Black Flag, it was party time on the fields. Highlight: the Warriors going on a picture-picture spree with random and not-so-random people. Some of the victims included members of Siouk (AOUCC champs), members of Black Flag (Manila Spirits champs), a white guy with taped nipples, and local idols Kuya Danny, Jeffrey from Bora, and Towie. The Warriors, with the exception of those who left early and Dangerous Girl who stayed at the party, capped off the Manila Spirits weekend with a lamon fest at one of the Warriors' favorite post-ACC games hangout - Congo Grill.

UW Manila Spirits '09 lineup:
Fel, Czar, Dino, Doc, Jim, JP, JM, Karlo,
Lloyd, Mike, Mundz, Nana, Pat, Paul, Ward
Cel, Ena, Jacq, Jane, Kring, Lei, Mina, Tish, Yelle


Tisha said...

Hmmm...parang the Sunday party last year was fun din naman. Hehe. But I left uber early coz I was going out of the country early the next morning.

Lei said...

Same here actually. I left early coz I also had a flight out of the country the next day. Bwahaha. :P Sige let's edit that.

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