Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BoomBoom Room Mid-Monsoon Triple Celebration

Why the triple celebration?
1) El Capitan Dondi's Birthday
2) White Dragon Sholin God passed the CFA Level I
3) Rikko Batin's engaged

When I shared with the team that our lanai or "tea room" has been renovated, they insisted on baptizing it, the Ultimate Warriors way, by having a party. They even declared the place as the Boom Boom Room, and made it the team's official party venue. As the modest hostess and golden ticket, I agreed on having the very first BoomBoom Room party. After all, we started back in 2005, at the same place, wherein we drank and partied the night away like there was no tomorrow.

December 2005 - Right after the SGV Sportsfest, we were warming-up to get drunk and wasted

December 2005 - Ayan na, simula na ng isang mahabang gabi!

September 2006 - Golden Ticket's Birthday Celebration

December 2006 - Christmas Party
December 2006 - Taboo!

December 2006 - Laughter at its finest

December 2006 - Bago pa maging Hotseat si Mundz, yung Lays nalang daw muna

December 2006 - Kami nalang ata natira

What happened back in 2007? Oh yeah that's right, it was Whitee Co-Captain Greg's turn to host the party for the Warriors. Thus, it was White Dragon Shaolin God's year.

September 2007 - Urdaneta Open Party

December 2007 - Christmas Party 2007

Hmmm, I just noticed that the party host and hostess are those peeps whose names start with the letter "G" and have been victims of the gang bang... Hahaha!!

But this year, it's the moment of the BoomBoom Room.

Last August 2, well I do not consider it as an excuse to party just because there was no game the next day, but rather there were three reasons to celebrate and it was mentioned at the very first paragraph of this entry. At the same time, it was an avenue for all of us to talk about our past games and our action plans for Monsoon's Days 3 and 4.

Oh yeah, days before the party, I insisted on having a "mature drinking" session because I kinda didn't want the place to be trashed. Hey, back in the coveted 2005 washak party, it was kinda hard to clean-up for a week (especially cleaning up our barf-filled banga and puke-smothered carpet), (the next day after the party) quite difficult to cheer for the Philippine team back in the SEA Games in Manila due to a terrible hangover and be grounded for like a month.

So yeah, at that night, no shots were made.

Food was also great. (Please let me raise my bench here) I cooked two types of pasta: Pinoy pasta and puttanesca. They loved it so much, each of them went back to the lil buffet table for two to three times. Donds and Greg treated the gang 4 boxes of Pizza and Tish brought that oozingly sinful chocolate cake from her fabulous Tita.


This cake made us commit the capital sin of gluttony. But I gotta admit, it's effin damn good!

Of course, the party wouldn't be complete without the booze. Most of the stuff came from Sarah (waaahh Smirnoff rocks) and I still had 16 bottles of SMB Light (For Jaguar PO's consumption). Mike made his special vodka concoction.

Looks like it's gonna be a long night heh... But it was kept in their minds to have a mature drinking night... Hehe!

After a hearty dinner, the peeps started to go chill drinking. While the night was young, different activities were done: poker, videoke, entertainment provided by Felix (the dude got acoustic talent and has a cool guitar!) and lotsa kwentuhan sessions.

Jacq, Yelle and White Dragon... Uuuuyyyyy CFA Level I na 'yan!

Si Mike nabusog ayan inantok!

Hussler 'tong si Jacq o! Si Yelle alam na kinukunan ditowww... Hehe!

After their poker game

Rikko Batin will have a missus in the next few months.... Yeehaw!!

Doc's rendition of Frank Sinatra's "My Way"

Kwentuhan and kwelahan sessions... Doc maghohot-oil o!

Happy Berday Donds!

Sige nga Doc, ganyan ba maglagay ng Czarmel sawce?? Hehehe!

Leahloo: (with much seduction) Get some cake babehhhh!!

Sorreh I stole Felix's thunder

I guess part of the mature drinking night was having a hardhit and hotseat discussion. What was it all about? Well 'nuff said.

My lips are sealed.

The party ended at around 2am. Yep, as reiterated, no shots were made and we were still standing proud (as in no one barfed and mopped themselves on the floor). We were happy that we had the BoomBoom Room Mid-Monsoon Triple Celebration.

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