Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Table Tennis Night

We have gone beyond Ultimate Frisbee. The Warriors have been active in other sports such as Wall Climbing, Badminton and recently (oh yeah and three cheers for the first timers, they were good) Table Tennis. Greg the White Dragon proved that he's really a dragowwnnn on the 4-sides of the table. Well, it's part of his genes and DNA to be a good Table Tennis Player. May nalalaman pa siyang excuse na "sa PE lang ako naglalaro", eh nasa bloodstream na niya puro pingpong balls na. What'll be our next sporty activity?? Well Teesya suggested we can have a larong kalye sportsfest. You know, patintero, tumbang-preso, luksong-tinik and piko!! Puwede puwede!!

Jacq vs. Greg aka "China vs. Korea"

Natalo ni China si Korea

Spectators. Si Mina hayop magserve at si Frances first-time lumaro pero nanalo!

Mr. China

Leahloo and Teesya

Boo Yelle Boo!! Working ka jan!! Hehehe peace tayo ah!!!

Mina vs. Greg aka Philippines vs. China


Lei said...

Galing ni Shaolin God! Idol! Mins, idol ko power serve mo! At syempre, pati ang smash ni Goldie! :)

Tisha said...

Tisha: Nice balls.

Lawrence: (looks confused) Are you talking to me?

Tisha: Yeah. Nice balls. (points to ping-pong balls in Lawee's hands)

Lawrence: Ah. (blushes big time)

Tisha: So, posible nga palang mamula ang itim!

Mina: Sabi nga ni Dondi.

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