Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monsoon Madness: Day 3

From the Director's Chair. Thou shall we listen to his thoughts.

Looking at the Ayala Alabang Country Club form the car, the grass was oh so green, from the previous pig pen we made of it 2 Sundays ago, grown and trimmed, the smell was different. Last Day of the Round Robin Phase of the Monsoon League. Watching sport for my 36 summers, we can see players, athletes, all of them aren't alike, small, short, big, stacky, fast, slow, gifted, trained, etc, etc, etc.

In sports lingo we have a term Dark Horse, it is a team or a player, or an individual, who is less considered to win, but not also to be underestimated because they call pull miracles and upsets. I cannot call the Ultimate Warriors a Dark Horse, other teams can now call us that. Speaking English very fluent and ala Conio type does not make you all the better, if not the greatest player of the sport your trying to play. You just have to show your stuff and let your achievements do the talking.Better or Worse? That my personal take, whats yours?

The Ultimate Warriors Team, from the views of other as like a so-so team. Never scouted, or what team are you playing "Warriors" I often get ah "AHHH". Ahhh Ulol mo!!! Hehehe, Talo kayo samin!!! Ulol!!!So di nila tayo kilala, kaya ganon, ngayon kilala na nila tayo. Takot na yan mga yan next time.


Welcome Back HOUNDZ TRIO. The game with Monster was a break of the curse of 1st game loss scenario (highlighted by Roy "WOW" Umali). This Monsoon League whenever the Warriors played there 1st Game we lost, i.e. Week 1 with Shawarma, Week 2 with Espana United. Well it has to stop somewhere. This was the Day that the curse of 1st game Lost was broken. Fairy Tale ending. MY VERSION OF UNIVERSAL POINT version 1.0 aka U-MINA-VERSAL POINT. Well, with that in mind, i will not be talking with the score, as we always lead the game with 2 points, then came behind with 1 point, the tied, the Universal Point. Going for our Win. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. That was the winning formula. As the renowned defense of both Monster 1 and 2, CUP (sana tama yan) defense was employed. The warriors was very much inspired by watching SPO1 and SPO2 playing on the pig pen, 2 sundays ago. Made use of there own version of the Ultra Magnetic Short Pass-Activate c/o Danny and Teacher Xtian (SPO1). We have moved the disc up and down oh so well. I dont want to mention names but, Dondi, Greg, Sarah, Mundz, Skeletor, Agent 0, Mike, Roy, Tish, Czarmel Sauce (hehehehe) were at their best. Technical notes confer that we only scored 2 points with long, i.e. Ahem ahem, the 3 point by Felix, with the my all the Way from Grg, and My catch to Felix point. And the oh so well famous Mina Raymond DISC-CONNECTION (from Cel's). All of the other points from short game, breaking the cup almost every time in our possession. Dondi and Sarah had also a HONEY-CONNECTION as Sarah caught a Honey pass right going left inside out by the Captain. The Ultimate Girl Warriors were like Houndz in defense, Jacq, Cel, Tish, Mina and the rest of the Girl warriors, help each other containing a versatile slightly quicker and taller Monster, whom scored atleast 3 points or so. Blocks to many to mention, as the played defense on the End Zone, and not making them score. Cheers to you Cel for the Block that nearly ricochet on some of the girls. Also there was also a point were we converted when few husk for the endzone many of the warriors was just not clearing out of the end zone, clogging the passing lane, Handler Skeletor I think was looking for a score pass to Roy, when the disc got a little bit blown off target, everybody jumped, catched the disc, but sorry Monster the Point was scored in between player (sa tagalog paningit) by the Sneaky Ninja Jacq, Nice one Jacq!!! Czarmel, Skeletor and Roy shared intercepting almost all of the Huck from the opponent, which made each possession turn into a goal. We were very thankful for gracing the show. Universal Highlight -- with a problem of game time keeping, everybody including myself was confused whether the game time cap was over. So I went to the committee and ask was the 1st set of games were finished, a very familiar PUA Board member replied "Kanina pa, kanina tapos" I told him that we were not able to hear it, and I asked him, can he announce the last point again for the benefit of our team and Monster to make it official. He then replied " hindi, hindi na pwede, ang tagal tagal nyo na naglalaro dapat marunong na kayo mag-time keep". Oh well he did pass by our field and said 3 minutes, and that was the last that I heard of it. So at a tied game and end of regulation time, the disc was almost to the other side of the field, needing to progress it entirety for a point and eventual win. Mundz was forced line while everybody was hearing the stall count, nearing stall, looking up to the trees a disc was flying as Mundz release a throw (which was the only throw available) outside in, where to? I dont know coz no one was calling him nor him barking at the receiver, ah this was the all so Famous Mundz-Mina DISC-CONNECTION as Mina caught Mundz was, where everybody on the field especially the Monster Team, concentration on there cup, it was broken by that DISC-CONNECTION, Mina to Dondi, Dondi killer Backhand to the Achilles Tendon Torned Lawrence aka Agent O, Now the SUN BLOCK JOKER, once again like so many times in the past scored for the Warriors. Game Point. WARRIORS WIN. Everybody relieved with the Hypertension Like Plays, came altogether a cheered as like we won our First Olympic Gold. Why did we win this game. Good decision, good call, good play. To my Captain there an old saying "To hear, one has only to listen", as we progress into the next games into the Finals Day, we often hear our captain call plays, which eventually we hear and listen, made us all look so good in the field, playing, having fun and enjoying and spreading the love!!!!To The The Ultimate Warriors, I very thankful you chose me to be in this team, rather me choosing you as a team, Puta Mushy Bullshit!!!!

Resting from a slightly controversial win with Monster, whom Crocodile Dondi Chronicles from the Summer League, were according to him we played our best game against a complete Monster Team, which they didn't won, but we lost. Payback was all so sweet.

Next game was Breakfast Club.... very friendly game, living up to the SOTG. Ano yun? Spirit of the Game, burp.. JR even said ano wag na tayo maglaro, uniman nalang, as if they were not driking already, hehehe! Sarah said OO nga inuman nalang. A game accepted as a win for BC.Well , off to the game, side by side in the sidelines (hmmm ang dami word na side yun including this one) with BC a game all so FUN, no pressure, Hakuna Ma-ta-ta. With BC, so many years the senior and Englesh Espekeneng, we manage to score the first point against them hehehehe. Thank you Enteng for the pass, which was intentionally for Gladys, which I eventually caught for a point hehehe, Hakuna Ma-ta-ta. During the duration of the game it was close, Warriors leading at least 1 point each time BC scored, in other words, they were trailing. Great Handlers from BC made the score all so close and tied often times in the game. All for the spirit of fun and SOTG. With the Houndz countlessly intercepting there Hucks, one BC asked what are we on? Growth Hormones, Horse Hormones or Steriods... Hehehe! As the Warriors mastered their speed against them on defense. With Leah's tackling one of the BC Guys thigh, and goes lets me see your armor and pads miss, hehehe! He even went to base camp to ask for Leah, saying "hey where your line backer who game me a tackle" hehehe! With time barking saying 8 minutes to go, with 1 point down, the Warriors needed a point to force a Universal Point against BC, nearing 3 minutes to go, moving the disc slowly but surely near our endzone, pass after pass we did, with the famous Urda gilid play, a broken play caught by Sonny Boy (Lawee Boy) nearing the endzone, with the defense and everybody clogging the passing lane, and not clearing out, what the heck just took the risk and threw a forehand to the MINA-MACHINE, with a pass caught with the skin of teeth (sa tagalog nasalo ng Kuko hahahaha). Tied scored, the BC team was oh so surprised with last point barking, that the Warriors force them to Universal Point. This is getting to be a habit. Exchange of possessions ensued, until finally we were able to have possession of the disc, a huck away to the winning point, (please fill in the name of the passer) the outside going in pass was caught again by the Achilles Torn Sonny Boy scored to give the BC the 1st lost in the Monsoon league, we were the only team who was able to Beat BC, hephep hurray!!!! With the pass completed and sealed the game, everybody was happy, I think including BC, which I think saw us very elated that we won against them, and was also happy for us winning against them, as we cheered each other, exchanging nice game gestures. With Mr 1 versus 100 man JR nodding in disbelief that we won, sitting on the chair as I gestured nice game with a grin on my face.


Winning Formula for this Game. With nothing hanging, we played relaxed, cheered, had fun with the other team. As time expired, with a chance to win, with the countless hours of practice and pick-up games we showed ourselves. It's fun to play, and it's more fun to play and win with the celebration of the spirit of the Game.


With the time keeping glitch from the Game against Monster 2, I heard Captain, told us, that he hoped that we learn from what happened with the time keeping in this game we had with Monster 2.

After the game from BC, as everyone was relaxing in Base Camp, reminiscing plays, Gary numerous block against a Monster player, The Return of QBF, which called a controversial foul at the end zone with monster. Also with Cel's foul called a release throw. In some small little groups of discussion. Cooling off, with several games of twister, when BC serenaded the Warrior basecamp to the tune of "Theme from Rocky's Eye of the Tiger" and some photo-ops. These guys were great! JR even pinch Dondz manhood as Sarah called it adultery, hehehe! Which reminds me that while playing against them the background music were collection of Spice Girls song, like everybody was dancing and singing, with the Spice Girls, Ice-Ice Baby, and some Retro Pinoy Music. Booting up once again to battle Ultimate Weekend Karma, according to Dondz, the defunct Jagadores et al. which the Warriors played in the last Monsoon League. The UWK (Ultimate Weekend Karma) played a game of Run, Huck and Catch, with each time they scored was when this White Guy was around, also the one during the game, gave Skeletor "the stench face" for a catch for a score, that even there own team mates saw it as a foul, but true to the SOTG, Enteng just brushed it off. More younger players, with the help of the blazing sun, were like draining our energy to catch up with them. The Warriors tied the game on the first part, then even lead with 2 points, then 3, before, the barrage of score made by UWK made it 1 point, as we exchange point with them with our possession. Sorry for this white guy who had been intercepted several times by Lawrence, Enteng and Czarmel Sauce, eating dust and grass in the process. (Hmmm parang si Mike yata yun ah, Mike diba!)

Greg was feeling oddly saying the Gatorade has something to do with it, coz it made him feel heavy and sluggish and all the more thirsty as he asked for some water. With Greg going over the officials table to check on the official time remaining, clock reads 10 more minutes until time lapses. The point the White Guy grab after, giving Skeletor a nudge seen by many. At this point the score was Warriors only leading by 1, with both teams informed that it still 8 minutes on time keeping. As the UWK employed there Huck Run Attack they manage to score once again for the tied, and another to lead by one. With them leading by one point, one player from UWK, and according to him, time has expired and our game was over, as he claimed that it was announced and both teams didn't hear it, being oh so controversial, a small technical arguement ensued with time keeping. Our Captain acknowledge the other teams captain to set the game is over, time capped expired. When the time barker audibly announce last point, a chance to tie for a universal point for the Warriors once again part 3. With almost everyone tired and almost empty, tried there best several times to execute and miss, until an execution of a more younger team scored the last point, lost but not beaten the Warrior Cheered On, celebrating a good day of Disc. Unfamiliar with the opponents and the 3 game stretch made the difference at the end. Returning to base camp, cooling down, shower and changing attires the Warrior went to Congo Grill before 6pm for a free Crispy Pata, with groups of 8, Lintek tapos na ang promo.All had a round of beer free of charge, in exchange of the other promo's. With the captains Birthday, food was served with him taking some meals to his tab.

Ang sarap ng Crispy Pata, Sisig at lahat ng ulam!!!!!!!!

Like any other birthday party a birthday song was rendered to the Captain!!!!

Once Again Happy Birthday to you Captain!!!

Saturday will be Our Finest Hour we can make this happen!!!


Doc on Pole este on Scoot pala.

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